Halo meets Zelda

I’ve posted quite a bit of DIY maps forged in Halo 5 that blend the chaos of some classic Halo matches, with other universes.  This one is pretty neat, if just alittle uninspiring in terms of unique elements.  It’s really just a room with some Zelda Themed wall decorations.  Granted, that’s all Griffball maps are, but come on, the Harry Potter one was awesome and unique.


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LEGO Hyrule Castle

19 Year old Joseph Zawada spent the last 2 years building a LEGO version of Hyrule Castle.  It’s based on the Twilight Princess version of The Legend of Zelda.  It’s pretty amazingly done, I like it, I wish I had the time and dedication to spend building stuff like this when I was younger and more into making things with LEGO.  No information on the number of pieces used, but it looks like there’s a bunch of prefab pieces, so it might be smaller then you think.


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Zelda Quilt

Zelda Quilt front

Imgur user slamberina has spend 6 months hand sewing this beautiful homage to The Legend of Zelda.  The quilt includes the Tri-force and the Master Sword prominently placed, as well as smaller things around the edges that fans of the series will recognize.  Rupees, quotes from the game, and hearts.  However, my favorite touch is Navi in the upper corner.

HEY! Listen!

Anyone who has ever played Ocarina of Time can recite that perfectly in their heads, and in fact, probably is right now.  You’re welcome.

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Legend of Zelda Wind Waker: LEGO

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is the game that really got me hooked on the Zelda franchise.  Yes, I played Ocarina of Time on N64, but it didn’t click with me.  I was too busy shooting things in Goldeneye, or flying around in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.  Even with all of the sailing around and collection of things on the giant overworld, I still really loved the game.

Wind Waker LEGO

An internet user by the name of BrucilSprout loves the game (as do many other people across the world).  This person recreated the ocean overworld with LEGOs.  Although, it looks like they used the LEGO Digital Designer program to do it.  Which means that you just need to get the file, and then you can order, or piece together all 1,900 LEGO bricks yourself.

Now, the real question is, where are all these 1,900 bricks?  It looks like there should be maybe 200.


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Zelda Stained Glass

Zelda Stained Glass

I like The Legend of Zelda, remember that Zelda themed Wii I painted?  It’s up there with Halo, probably equal, depends on the mood I’m in.  Anyway, reddit user cecilialibra has made a pretty ace representation of The Triforce from The Legend of Zelda in stained glass form.  I’ve never made stained glass, but I have always like it.  I don’t know if I would commission one or try my own, knowing me, I’d probably make my own, fail a few times, but be contempt that I did it myself.

Here’s another photo of the process, and below you can head over the the Imgur album and view more photos.

Zelda 2


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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

Nintendo showed off its newest Zelda at E3 this past week, and lets just say, it looks amazing. Its promised to be a launch title for Wii, but there will still be a Gamecube version. The graphics look amazing, better then Ocarina of Time, what i consider to be the best Zelda game around.

Anyway, a nice 6 minute video of Twilight Princess when you click.