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Yosemite HD Timelapse

Did you know that I’ve been to Yosemite National Park?  It’s up there as my top 3 favorites.  Along with Gates of the Arctic, and The Grand Tetons.  There’s something special about Yosemite though.  It’s one of the few parks which I’ve been to more than once.  And I’d love to go back there again and again, it’s that beautiful, and that special.

Anyway, enjoy the above time-lapse, it’s enjoyable, and at first glance the music was weird, but on reflection, I like it.


awesome Deadly Computer the greatest video

Yosemite in Sunlight, In Starlight, In 4K

This stunning 4K video time-lapse and collection from Yosemite is just that, stunning.  I know I like my time-lapses, and I know I like my Yosemite, but this is above and beyond anything I’ve produced.  Well, maybe not my Mirror Lake images, those are damn good.


awesome Deadly Computer DIY photo video

DIY Flipbook

Flip Book

On my trip to Yosemite last month I let my sister take some pictures of me with my camera.  She got trigger happy and took some rapid fire photos as I tried to scale a tree that was in our way.  It turned out that those 14 photos when printed out made a perfect flip book!  So, I got to making one of those out of it.

Check out the jump for how I actually put it all together:

awesome Deadly Computer photo the greatest


Did you think I forgot about you?  I could never.  Here are links to the albums.  Now, I know what you’ll say, didn’t I post these already last week?  Well you’d be right, but I didn’t finish going through the photos, and more importantly, I didn’t get so some of the amazing Yosemite reflection photos at the end of this post.  So do me a solid and look through them already ok?

And, here are some of my favorite photos of the trip, in case you’re lazy, it’s ok, I know that you are:

Sequoia Sky
I decided to drive down to General Grant and take some photos looking up with the Sequoias in the foreground. The trail wasn’t the best spot to take photo, but the parking area had some good views up with trees near by.


Poppy Fields
In order to get to Sequoia from Kings Canyon in the winter you have to drive out and around. I drove down Dry Creek Dr. and was greeted to beautiful fields of poppy flowers and rolling green hills


Foggy Mountain
The clouds obscured many of the views driving down 180 and out of the park


Mirror Lake
Sure, Mirror Lake was very low in the middle of February, but the reflections were still beautiful.


Mirror Lake 2
Because the water was so low it was difficult to get some full reflections. I still think it came out pretty well.


Now comes the time to pick the next park to go to.  I hope to get somewhere before the Alaska trip this summer.  I’m not sure which, my current front runner is the Seattle area for late April or early May.  But things are still very much up in the air.

Deadly Computer photo

Yosemite II

El Capitan

That’s right bitches, I’m on my way back to Yosemite National Park this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll get to see Horsetail Falls get lit up by the sun.  Anyway, I have to be out in the San Francisco area for work, so over the weekend I’m going to make my way to the park to see what it looks like covered under snow.  Last month they got lots of snow, hopefully February continues.  However, watching the webcams recently, it doesn’t look too great.

led photo video

Lighted Half-Dome

In order to raise awareness of themselves, and all the work they do, the American Safe Climbing Association, ASCA, climbed Yosemite’s Half-Dome at night and installed 39 solar-powered LED lanterns to trace their way up.  This was done to make the group known, and to let people know of their work, which mainly consists of replacing bolts on popular climbs.  They’ve replaced over 14,000 bolts over the last 18 years, that’s alot.  The awareness stunt worked, because I have A. never heard of them, B. never knew this was that big of a deal.  But, I’m not a mountain climber, so it’s not surprising to me.

Now, before you get all excited, these lights were only temporary.  The group removed them as they climbed back down.  On the reddit thread about it there’s a long discussion about that aspect.  I tend to agree with the unpopular post, I think this sets a dangerous precedence for future publicity stunts on our Nation’s National Parks.  Hopefully clear heads will prevail and Exxon-Mobile won’t be able to buy advertising space on the sides of mountains, not until they buy them outright that is.



Yosemite From the Past

Yosemite Park Map

What a difference 80 years makes.  The average person won’t notice the old names for the trails and locations, but just about everyone should see the “Bear Feeding Platforms”, and realize that they are not that great of an idea anymore.  Also noticeable is the Big Oak Flat Road.  Go down on Odd Hours, Up on Even.  I can only guess how well that would work in modern times.

Naturally, the layout of the valley hasn’t changed that much, even the roads are more or less the same.  There’s no hotel at Glacier Point anymore, which is unfortunate because it’s such a pain to get up there, but that’s what camping is for.


awesome photo science the greatest video

Yosemite HD II

Yosemite HD II from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.


Even if you don’t care at all about National Parks, or Yosemite National park.  Even if you hate time lapse videos, or photography in general.  You should still watch this video.  Hopefully it will change your mind about a few of those things on the list.

Part of  Project Yosemite, (which in my mind should be reversed, it has such a cooler name that way), the above video is the result of two people who spent 10 months (total) hiking over 200 total miles of trails to get all those amazing shots.

Shots like those are ones I dream about getting.  And one day, I’ll make another trip out to Yosemite, and maybe get some of them.


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