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Yellowstone Super Volcano

Yellowstone model

Earlier this year scientists used new technology to more accurately map the magma system that powers the super volcano beneath Yellowstone.  They discovered an additional poop of magma below the originally pool.  This new pool is over 4 times larger then the shallower one, which when you combine the two, you can fill The Grand Canyon 13 times over.  The scientists warn that there is still nothing to worry about as the chances of the volcano erupting in any year is 1 in 700,000.

You can watch the video below for a summary of the SciTechDaily article if you want, but otherwise, it’s nothing special.


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Yellowstone From Above

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I went to Yellowstone.  I still remember it fondly and I can’t wait to go back, but there are still 40 other National Parks I need to cross off my list.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, here is a short documentary on the Park:

Yes it’s a bit long at 25 minutes, but it’s worth it, you don’t realize how quickly it will go by, and it’s informative.  Plus, it has a British narrator that pronounces things great.  The entire thing is shot from Drone footage, which is currently against the rules in the park, but this is not an ordinary drone, this is a professional one, probably gasoline powered, with a long range because some of the shots were from pretty high up.


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National Parks Time-lapse

Damn, I’m really into Time-lapses this month aren’t I?

Here’s one by redditor spacepaulZ, of Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Bryce Canyon, and Shenandoah National Parks.  The first 4 are kind of close together and I can see how they could be on one single trip, but Shenandoah is a thousand miles or so away, it’s gotta be a different trip I think.

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Yellowstone Snow

Yellowstone National Park gets alot of snow.  I know the North East is still excited about the first 50deg day in awhile and the melting of the snow, but that’s nothing compared to what goes up out west.  In the above silent video, we see workers clear off the roofs of the cabins at Lake Village.  I would like to know what they do with the mountains of snow that they pile off the sides.  Do they leave it there to melt, or cart it off somewhere else?  Do they dump it on the ice of Yellowstone Lake?  These are important questions.


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DIY Leather Bound Album

I like to doing things for myself.  Sure it usually means it will be a longer process, it will probably cost more in the long run, and it might not be the best quality, but damnit I made this and that’s what matters to me.  That being said, here is the scrapbook I made for my recent (6 months ago) trip out to Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons.

Scrap Book Cover
Finished Elk Leather Scrap Book

View the full DIY post after the jump (It’s just too much to put on the front page)

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Grand Teton Mosaic

Grand Teton Mosaic
1,500 unique Photos make up this Mosaic

I like making Mosaics.  I used to make them a lot, but I haven’t in awhile.  I used to make really great ones, but the program that I had was removed due to some copyright issue, and so it was never updated for anything but Windows XP 32 bit.  And it’s too memory intensive to load it up in a dedicated VM.  Oh well, Andrea Mosaic is a newer, still up to date piece of software that makes really great mosaics.  That’s what the above picture is of.

I took 1,500 of my Yellowstone & Grand Teton photos (of nearly 6,000), and used them to make a huge mosaic of one of my favorite photos from the trip:

Sunset Tetons

Take a look at the dedicated page that Andrea Mosaic can generate to see a higher resolution image, and larger versions of all the individual photos that make it up.