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Stumbles XI, 11, !!, 1!

Timing is a little off this month, oh well, I’m sorry.  Here’s Stumbles 11, some truly hilarious gif’s are included here, and more Nazis, as always.  Remember to take your daily dose of memes, because otherwise you could die, studies have been done on this.

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Skynet Research has sent me an email.  They claim that everyone can make a difference.  I believe them.  If we all band together, we can prevent the robot overthrow of our culture.  I know Skynet Research is a viral advertising method for the new Terminator Salvation movie (which I am excited for), but I cannot help but express my fears for our future right now.

We live in a world were the number of robots per worker is on the rise, were simple everyday things that humans do is being replaced by lifeless, fearless, soulless robotic beings, who’s only guiding force in this world is to overcome it’s masters, us.  Most robots are meant to go places that humans can’t or shouldn’t go.

But tell me, if you saw this rescuing you from a fire what would you think? You’d probably think, crap, the time has come, I’m gone.  What’s more, these types of robots are programed to collect humans already, so when the inevitably become self aware, they will have far little reprogramming to undergo before they can be shipped to the front lines to clean up the robot’s advance.

And if that’s not enough, this cute little guy was made with the best intentions, but when they turn, all I can say is carry a knife with you.  This “robot dog” is nice and useful on the front lines, it carries you’re ammo, and supplies, and whatnot, but it can also carry other robots, or guns, or both.  What we have here is the first Calvary of the new robot army.

If there’s one advantage we have over the robots right now, it’s that none of them look like humans, they all look like robots, or aliens. Not anymore with this new technology, it mimic the texture of a human face, providing all sorts of levels of wrongness to come.

Perhaps its just these next and last two images that bother me the most.

Here we have the original Terminator laughing at what he will one day become.  How sad and scary this sight is.  Surly he must realize the irony of the situation here.  The role that made him famous is about to come true, and he is grinning at it!

Seriously, wtf people.  Why is there a robotic T-Rex?  Are you trying to make it easier for them the devour us?  The only way it could be worse was if it was a raptor.  But with the way things are going now, that probably won’t be too far off.   I hope they just don’t use the flawed logic that John Hammond used in doing it.

{Robot photos}

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Gr8 Stumbles!

I will never say that again, I promise.  Anyway, here is an 8th set of mostly funny stumble pictures.  I say mostly because apparently alot of people don’t like my sense of humor.  So I say to that, go die.  Full list after the click cause there’s alot, and I don’t want the page to take forever to load.  Enjoy them, please…

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The Lucky Best Stumbles 7

Ah, December, the time of Winter, snow, Christmas lights, cold, and Pearl Harbor.  Today is December 1, and to celebrate the greatness of the month of December, the 12th, and final month of the year 2008, I want to welcome to the world, my favorite stumbles from the past month. There are some good ones, and some interesting ones, there are not nearly as many as previous lists, but that’s because I’ve been extra busy doing non-stumble related stuff recently.

Now this introduction has gone on long enough I think.  But I’m not sure.  I don’t think I’ve properly introduced the last single digit prime number.  7 is the last single digit prime, and a wonderful example of uniqueness.  Not until we get to number 17 will we see another 7, luckily it is also a prime, now that doesn’t mean much, except that there is another 7 prime to look for.  17 is a nice number, actually, I’ll tell you a secret, stick a 7 on the end of any number, and I will most likely like it.  Except 77, that’s a stupid number.

If you look closely, the time this post was published was 7:07:07am EST.  that’s how much I like the number 7.  In reality though, i like the number 11 best, for obvious reasons.  117 by extension is high up on my favorite numbers list.

Well now that I’ve told you a bunch of “interesting?” facts about me, lets get to the images I thought were hilarious and you no doubt will find in bad taste and call me childish names in the comments, but don’t worry, I know who you are all…

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Hitler’s Art

Hitler Moasic

Those of you who know me know that i have an unhealthy obsession with Hitler, as seen here, and here, and here, and here.  Well, many people don’t know or maybe they do now from this XKCD comic, but Adolf Hitler wanted to be an artist originally, before he got world domination on his mind.

That’s right, before he painted the world to look like this:

He actually painted the world looking like this:

I must say, that is a pretty nice looking painting.  I am not an art person at all, I like photographs, and in particular, my own photographs.  But given the chance to own some of these works of art, I would.  Not only would they be a great conversation starter, they would look real nice on the walls of my bunker.

Some of his paintings were postcard sized though, apparently those were popular with tourists, who knew?!

I really like this one “Cathedral in Vienna.”  Actually, if I had to choose, I would choose these 3 on the page from the group of ten here.  I like buildings, and landscapes best.  I would totally buy one of them, a real one, or a reproduction, I don’t care.  I also would accept donations.

{map of Europe}

Also, for what it’s worth, his signature is not very great, makes me wonder about the authenticity of that scene from Indiana Jones.

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Worst LEGO Set Ever?

This is indeed the worst LEGO set ever.  I know it’s someone’s custom set, and not an offical one, and all i have to say to that is thank you.  This is creepy and wrong on just about every level there is.  {Ectoplasmosis!}

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Best Stumbles 5

Best Stumbles 5 marks the return of Hitler!  To most people that is probably not a good thing, but to people who know my wicked sense of humor, that means much inappropriate humor is to follow.  Also, it’s election time, and that means, it’s time to vote.  Be sure you vote for evil.  If you don’t then evil will just take over anyway.  Might as well have your say in the evil takeover!

As always, (well, always from now on anyway), full list of awesome stumbles after the click:

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Best Stumbles 2

A sequal to the original Best Stumble pictures, these are better, and wronger.  Again, most of these come from ImageChan, which I already knew was a wrong place, but now i know for sure just how messed up it is.  And also again, a disturbing amount involve Hitler humor…

The whole list is after the click this time, because there are just a few really, really wrong ones now…

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God: The Action Figure

God action figure

Even God uses an AK-47, more proof that that is indeed the greatest assult rifle ever made by human hands.  Wait, maybe it was forged up in heaven by angles, and given to the Soviets in an effort to overthrow the Americans.  But the Devil called God out on that blatent unfairness, so the Americans won that battle with their crazy “Democracy.”

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Delicious Babies

If I liked chocolate, I would totally carry a bag of these around with me all the fucking time!  What better way to start a conversation, “Hi there, would you like a delicious baby, i just so happen to have a bag full of them here…”

I have problems…