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Yes, Water does spin backwards in Australia

I just thought that you should know that.  Yes it’s not that scientific of a test, and yes all the theoretical math and science should answer the question for you, but I thought you should know for yourself by watching this six minute video.  Don’t say I never did anything for you.

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2018 Olympics

Are about to start!

Are you ready?

You’ll have to be up in the early morning this Friday to watch the opening ceremony live.  That is if you can find it streaming somewhere online (if you’re in America).  Dang stupid NBC is putting it on a 10 hour tape delay for “prime-time”  Oh boy I just can’t wait!


Alternate History Thursday: Flat World

We know that the world isn’t flat, but an oddly ball shaped sphere.  But in a suitable alternate reality, the world is a cube, or a diamond, or, for the most part, 2 dimensional.  The 2 dimensional world is actually 3 dimensional, but that’s just to make it easier for us in our ball world to grasp what life is like.

There are 2 sides to this flat world, the layout of the continents is generally the same, except for the poles.  There are no poles.  Also, the planet splits in the middle of the oceans, just like the giant waterfall you’d think.  Depending on which direction you’re going, the water either falls, or rises.  Going west from California, the water falls somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, there’s no real good place to map it to on our globe.  Anyway, the water falls, and enters the middle of the planet.  Due to the strong forces at play, we don’t really know much about what happens on the inside of the planet.  Presumably, the water travels through the middle of the planet through a series of pipes, eventually being forced out of key locations on the planet.  The vast majority of the water makes it to the Atlantic Ocean, where from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, it flows up into the Atlantic.  This is all looking from Alpha side (The side with America on it).  Looking at Beta side, Europe, Asia & Africa, the water flows from The Mediterranean, into the Atlantic, then it falls into the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, through another series of pipes that pop up in Europe, then out on the other side flowing into the Beta Half of The Pacific Ocean.

It has been theorized that one could travel through these skyscraper sized pipes through the middle of the planet.  One un-manned submarine managed to make it 117 miles into the the Beta Atlantic Pipe before something crushed it, and all data stopped being returned.  The last thing seen was a massive wall, full of windows.  There are dozens of hypothesis as to what this wall was, the most popular being a filter.  What this filter is for is another question, along with how it gets cleaned.  Every year hundreds of people waste billions of dollars preparing ships, and research into the abyss.  Perhaps next time, we’ll have some more to go over.

In Ball World, this is how countries line up across from each other:

Countries Lined up

{imgur|Geeko Logie}

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The Land of The Free

top 19

America, the greatest country that ever existed.  Although much of the rest of the world doesn’t really think so.  Well, Fraser Nelson of The Spectator has done his own original research and determined that American ain’t half bad.  In fact, in ranking the 50 states for each one’s GDP per capita, most European nations don’t make the cut.  In fact the first one to make the list is Norway, at #8.  The UK comes in at 2nd to last, behind only Mississippi.

Now, let’s listen to Ron Swanson and see what he has to say about America, and life in general:

{Washington Post|Reddit I |Reddit II}

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Smarty Pins

smarty 11

Google has a great trivia game out, Smarty Pins.  They present you with a map of the world (usually zoomed in to somewhere in the area of the answer).   You are given a trivia question.  You answer the question by dropping a pin on the map where you think it should go.  The number of miles off you are from the actual location get deducted from your total start milage, (1,000).  Answering questions quickly gets you extra miles.

It’s surprisingly fun.  However, it’s easy to loose quickly.  I was way off in the answer to one question (wrong coast of the US), and that ended my game completely.


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Stairway to Heaven

stairway 1

I was gonna post this under stumbles, but it’s so interesting, that I think it deserves it’s own dedicated post.

The above looks like a Stairway to Heaven doesn’t it?  Well it’s all just a trick of the photographer.  That’s the magic of perspective.  And unlike those annoying regular tourist photos of people stepping on each other, and monuments.  This one actually looks good.  In fact, this is one piece of modern art that I would seek out.  Were it not in Australia, I probably would end up going sooner, but since that’s on the opposite side of the world, and I have 50 or so National Parks that I still have to visit, it’ll be awhile before I get there.  (Also assuming that it’s still there)

The art piece is called Diminish and Ascend artist David McCracken, and here’s what it actually looks like:

stairs 2

It’s still hard to tell that it doesn’t go on forever.  It’s really just all in prespective and how it gets smaller as it goes up.  Being on a cliff helps the illusion.

stairs 3

Does anyone know it this is still around, or if it was taken down and melted?  It was made of aluminum, that’s a fair amount of metal there…

{reddit|My Modern Met}

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Europeans Hate Each Other

Watch as 1000 years of European borders change (timelapse map) from Nick Mironenko on Vimeo.

Europe prides itself with its multi-thousand year history.  They laugh at Americans when we say our neighborhood is old at 100 years, they have special rocks that can reliably be traced back a few thousand years.  However, they hate each other.

As the above video can show in 3  minutes what no high school history class could ever get across.  The many border changes and invasions of countries by other countries of Europe over the last 1,000 years.  You just can’t get those drastic border changes without hating your neighbors, and wanting to invade them.

It’s much easier to get a sense of how big the various Empires are by watching them expand across borders, and then contract.  You just can’t get that by reading a book.

{Viral Forest}

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Welcome to Sochi

Olympic Flag


Officially, the XXII Olympic Winter Games start now.  The Opening Ceremony is now.  But US Americans will  have to wait ~8 hours due to NBC though, apparently they didn’t learn anything from the bad press of the unnecessary delays of the London Games.  Whatever.

I don’t plan on watching much of it on Television anyway.  I’ll be streaming it.  After all, I have to beat my records from the 2010 games.  I think that’s do able.  If only because more things will be in HD.  However, I do have the benefit of a full time job now.  So I’ll need to be staying up late watching these games in order to catch up.

It’s still a shame that I won’t get to be there, despite all the controversy that’s going on right now.

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New Spin on Old School Globes

When you think of a Globe, you probably remember a peeling wobbly globe from elementary school that still had The U.S.S.R. defined on it’s map.  That was fine for simple schooling, and learning about the earth and the countries, but it’s not something that you could use for serious.  Not in any sense of the word.

Peter Bellerby has come up with his own company to make better globes:

Churchil Globe


They are totally better globes.  Hand made over the course of weeks, each one is unique.  He makes traditional standing globes, mini desk globes, or the monster Churchill Globe pictured above.  I’m not sure I would drop $40,000+ on a globe, no matter how cool and unique it is, that’s just too rich for my blood.  Even the smaller, mini desk globes are pretty expensive, beautiful, but expensive.

Sure Hammacher Schlemmer has a $13,000 globe, but I’m not sold on it’s quality (even though it is hand made right here in America), something about it doesn’t seem as elegant as the ones Bellerby has for sale.

{UK Hand Made}


We’re still Here

Guess what didn’t happen yesterday?!

For the 4th time in my memory, the world did not end when so many people were convinced it would.  Although, I do have to say, that on my drive into work the weather was dreadful, and it certainty looked bad.  But alas,

legal steriods

nothing came of it.

So, how long until the next time this is supposed to happen?