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Interactive Wooden Landscape

Valley View

This is pretty neat, ETM: Exploration Through Motion is an interesting view of a once static asset.  A team of students from the Philadelphia University created this as their final project in Design 1.  Together, they took the Thomas Moran painting “Grand Canyon of the Colorado River”, and made a 3D laser cut map diorama of it.

Turning a gear in turn turns a series of other gears that steps down the speed and ups the torque significantly.  This in turn raises internal cams, which in turn raises a base layer of dowels that finally, raises the laser cut landscape.  At first, I wasn’t sure why all the gears were necessary, I thought it was only for looks, but it’s actually quite a needed gear reduction in order to get the torque necessary to lift the heavy map.


Read more about their process, and see some more photos and behind the scenes stuff on their Behance page.


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Impressive Wooden Marble Run

The most impressive part of this marble run is the fact that much of it is carved out of food.  Look at the organic shapes made.  It must have taken the guy ages to get all that detail in it.  It doesn’t hurt that marble runs are just fun to watch.


Wood Cutting

You don’t need to watch all 30 minutes of this video.  Some parts are well cut while others are static views of control screens.  It is an interesting look at how saw mills are set up to operate.  I’m particularly fond of the giant mills used to cut the giant tree trunks.  Pretty impressive.

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Wooden Analog Clock

You know Japan isn’t just known for their crazy perversions.  They’re actually insanely good woodworkers too.  Case in point, this crazy complicated mechanical clock that draws out the time on a magnetic board.

Look at the intricacies of it:

wooden gears

Now here you can see, and listen to it in action:


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Wooden Engineering Equipement

Japanese woodworker Kinohaguruma makes some of the the coolest works of wooded engineering I have ever seen.

Here’s the first video that introduced me to him, a wooden excavator:

See how the entire thing is made of wood.  There’s a bunch of different gears, and different transmissions and gear boxes that change what is actually being moved.  All through two leavers.  This is more a feat of engineering then it is wood work, but it’s both!

Here’s another wooden marvel, a crane that rotates 360 degrees, has an articulating arm with a claw!

His works of engineering art aren’t limited to just earth movers, here’s a wooden wood pecker that’s spring wound:


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How to Build a House

Have you even wondered how to build a home?  What’s necessary?  How to start, what order to do things in?  Well, this may be over an hour long video, but Larry Haun does a really good job showing how he and a buddy build a house.  Or most of it anyway.  It’s really interesting and worth the hour of your life to watch, trust me.

It’s amazing how easy he makes nailing in those large nails look.  The way he cuts the joists to fit, with the nice dig against the hand saw.  Using the claw part of the hammer to pick up pieces of wood.  All this, it’s just fun to watch.



Crazy Wooden Bench

Raw Edge Bench

According to reddit, this bench was submitted to the Design Museum of London’s Design of the Year Awards.  It was a finalist in the Product category.  Check out the designer’s website, raw-edges, to see some more photos of it, and how they made it.

I like wood-working, but I could never make something that looks like this.  It’s just too much work, and to be honest, I don’t really like the design that much.  I much rather like clean, natural logs.  But to each their own.

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LEGO Train Coffee Table

LEGO Table final

Another DIY post courtesy of reddit, this time stubbornmoose has made a coffee table out of maple and walnut, but with LEGO baseplates on the top so that his kids can set up a LEGO town on it.  That is a great idea.

LEGO Table open

Were you aware that you can buy giant LEGO baseplates from slabdreamlab?  Giant ones, with designs on them, normal roads, space, or regular old solid colors, all up to 48″x24″.  That’s gigantic.  I don’t know what I would use them for, maybe that dream of making a scale model of some movie scene, or location.

Here’s one more photo of the build in process but with all the drawers open.  It’s a really nice design, I’m not sure what would go into those vertical slots though, maybe train track pieces?

Table build

Take a look at the full build process over on his blog, or the imgur album he made.

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LED Log Things



This is a pretty ingenious way to use unusable pieces of wood.  Be it splits, or cracks, or just mishappen pieces that you can’t mill.  Instead of burning them (which is what I would do), Italian designer Marco Stefanelli decided to fill the voids with resin that has LEDs encased in them.  I gotta say, that’s nice.  Especially the soft white color, instead of the cool-blue white of normal white LEDs.

I have a few pieces of wood that I was drying that cracked pretty bad.  I think I’m going to try this on them.

wood lamp 2

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