How we Ice Skate


Yes, the Olympics might be over (don’t worry, I’ll get you the over view and report in a day or so), but that doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and learn a thing or two about the science behind the sports.  It’s surprising, but I’ve never seen something like this before.  I knew most of … Continued

The Skeleton


This Olympics I’m all about the sliding sports – Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton.  One thing that I didn’t know about Skeleton is that the athletes can choose to decorate their helmets with awesome designs. Here’s my favorite: Katie Uhlaender’s Eagle and Stripes helmet. The Brain helmet is pretty cool too: John Fairbairn is from Canada though, … Continued

Curlers in their Natural Habitat


Sir David Attenborough, the younger brother of eccentric billionaire John Hammond, has worked his magic on the sport of Curling.  You know David Attenborough’s voice, you’ve heard it many times over the years narrating all sorts of things.  His voice is one of those that you could listen to forever. His overview of Curling is not … Continued

Meteorite Medals


One year ago today a meteorite entered the atmosphere over Russia traveling at about 42,000 MPH.  It was labeled the Chelyabinsk meteor, and in honor of the anniversary, all Olympians who win a Gold medal in today’s events will be given a special commemorative medal containing a piece of that meteorite. Gold medal events today … Continued

Winter Olympics of Yesteryear


1924 was the first dedicated Winter Olympics.  In previous games, some of the events were held in the summer games if the weather permitted it. The games were held in Charmonix France, at the base of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps.  You can see the peaks in the background of some of … Continued

Luge POV


The Luge is my  favorite sport of the 2014 games.  In 2010 it was Curling, but in that defense it was because a a stellar looking Russian team.  Anyway, I’ve been watching all of the Luge events.  Doubles is pretty crazy, 2 people laying on top of one another hurtling themselves down an ice track … Continued

Welcome to Sochi


  Officially, the XXII Olympic Winter Games start now.  The Opening Ceremony is now.  But US Americans will  have to wait ~8 hours due to NBC though, apparently they didn’t learn anything from the bad press of the unnecessary delays of the London Games.  Whatever. I don’t plan on watching much of it on Television … Continued

The Olympics


The Olympics are over, man, was that a good 17 days.  The Winter Olympics are really the one sport I love to watch. Every sport in it.  I watched almost every event.  Yes that includes curling, which I watched every (women’s) match.  There were some good ones, and some sad ones, but the Gold Medal … Continued

Watch the Olympics


I address you this afternoon not as a ruler of this blog, not as the member of the elite, but as a citizen of humanity.  We are faced with the very gravest of challenges, The Ancient Greeks called this time the Olympiad, the challenge of challenges.  For the first time in the history of the … Continued