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Submerged Town’s Return

Main St.

The modestly sized Villa Epecuén was utterly destroyed in 1985 after a series of unusual weather events cause a a dam to burst and a dike to break putting the entire town under 33 feet of salt water.  Initially, the residents hoped it would be a temporary thing, and waited for the water to recede, within days it was apparent that the water wasn’t going anywhere, and so the town was abandoned.

25 years later (yes, in 2011, this is old news, deal with it, I bet you didn’t know anyway, so stop your whining) the waters started to recede, and what’s left is something out of movie scene.

white land



white and green


rusty car

It’s amazing what salt water can do.  I know that it’s one of the most corrosive things on the planet, but it’s just amazing to see the white washed town above, the unusable engine, and some of the other photos over on The Atlantic.

{MessyNessyChic|The Atlantic}