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The Best cell phone game ever?

chuck norris video game

Yes my friend, Chuck Norris is staring in his very own Cell Phone video game.  Will it be kick ass awesome, yes, yes it will.  Will it feature round house kicking deaths, yes, yes it will.  Will there be commies, yes, yes there will.  Will there by anything unawesome about this game, no, no there will not.

Here’s a video of it in action, no sound, but, that’s ok, we all know that Chuck doesn’t need sound to kill you, just a glance.



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TrackMania Nations Forever

My new favorite game is TrackMania Nations Forever. Which is a racing game in the most fun sense of racing.  It’s got F-Zero speeds, and crazy tracks, and overall is unlimited ammounts of fun.

Me, mike and chris have wasted away many hours playing it which should have gone into studying for our finals, oops…

The game itself is a free download (500mb), and a free game, but there is a payed version.  I’m perfectly alright with the free version, I enjoy the game, and love it, and have a good time playing it, which is all that matters.  For a free game however, there are tons, and tons of things you can do.  Lots of unlockable tracks, and a complete track editor.  It’s very indepth.

You can make anything you want with the track editor, but, being raised on Roller Coaster Tycoon’s custom coaster editor, I am alittle spoiled.

The free online multiplayer races is what makes TrackMania worth it.  That’s where we’re spent hours playing, and that’s where we’ve spent hours cursing the people who have too much free time to make crazy impossible tracks.

You should totally download TrackManina, and then install it, and then add me as a buddy: lord_xeon

I look foward to racing you all…

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RC Mario Bottles

That my friend is alot of skill that took along time, and I tip my hat to the fine people who spent at least an afternoon setting it up.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

Nintendo showed off its newest Zelda at E3 this past week, and lets just say, it looks amazing. Its promised to be a launch title for Wii, but there will still be a Gamecube version. The graphics look amazing, better then Ocarina of Time, what i consider to be the best Zelda game around.

Anyway, a nice 6 minute video of Twilight Princess when you click.