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Halo in Halo

I’ll say what I want about Halo 5 – I hated it, it was the worst of the series – but the Forge abilities are astounding.

Xbox Live user xXBarthXx and presumably some buddies have made a literal Halo in the Halo game.  I find this pretty neat.

As the reddit comments suggest, a map like this that actually rotated would be pretty ace.  Hopefully 343 reads these forums and boards and will have something similar in Halo 6.  However, it will probably be half baked.  Here’s to hoping though.

Here’s a video of the gameplay.  It looks pretty interesting, but the video needs some editing, I don’t want or need to watch an 11 minute match.  But you can!



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All I Play-Oh

On the eve of the release of the greatest game on the Xbox 360 I re-present you this great video showing the game that re-defined everything.  Ok, maybe I over-exaggerated a bit, but like the general theme of the video, Halo is all I Play-Oh.  It was the reason I bought a Xbox, and an Xbox 360, and an Xbox One.  Unfortunately with Bungie’s departure from the series, it probably won’t be a reason to buy any future Xbox that comes out.  Halo 5 was my least favorite of the series, there was not enough focus on The Master Chief, there was too much “evolved” spartan battle that just didn’t fit the Halo universe in my mind, and more importantly, there was no sense of urgency in the game.  In the original 3 it was one man against the Covenant and The Flood.  Both are missing in 5, instead you’re helping some Elites to kill other Elites, and you’re all too politically correct to call each other by what you really want to say – Elites and Demons, no it’s Sangheili, and Spartan.  Such a shame…

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Damn is the only word I have to describe this beautiful masterpiece.  There’s tons of scenery, things I could never do.  I can make the coasters, but none of the theaming that goes along with it.


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IRL Mario Kart

This week is a plethora of re-creating childhood memories in real life.  Next up is the classic game of Mario Kart.  Go Karting is nothing new, power ups are sorely lacking from the experience however.  Four students of Colorado State University’s mechatronics class, Alex Zenk, Katie Johnson, Floyd Bundrant, and Jacob Gover decided to make a working version of it for their class.  It came out pretty darn good if you ask me.  My only gripe is that they’re not fast enough.  Not nearly fast enough.  That’s something that can easily be fixed though, just give it more power.


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Pokemon Go

Yea, fine, shut up I’m alittle late on this post, but I was in Alaska, and I love Mr. Bean so you’re getting this post now.  Deal with it.  That being said, I’ve been playing Pokemon Go (as has the rest of the world my age), and it’s really fun, hopefully they make it easier to catch more species of guys though.  I’ve seen everyone.  Or maybe I’m just an adult that doesn’t have time to explore everyplace around me and drop real money to catch fake monsters.


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You Can Never Prevent Judgment Day

YouTube user John Chapman and some of his buddies took some, quite a lot according to them, to recreate the motorcycle chase scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5.  They didn’t do a perfect job of it, but honestly, I think that’s better.  The subtle differences make for a more unique perspective.

The rest of the videos on his channel are heavy on GTA:5, no problem there but none of them have the name recognition as T-2.


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Halo Strings

Besides pianos, I love strings.  Love, love, love, strings.  This video combines both (because the Halo Theme includes both).  But the real awesomeness is just watching the production value of the video.

Watch the Zelda one next, again there’s the production values that make the whole video worth it.  I like the combination of different Zelda themes from different games, and different parts of the games.  She also looks like she’s having dons of fun in these videos, so that ads it’s own glow to the thing.

Mission Impossible is another good one.  Hell, all of her videos are good fun, you should watch them, then buy them, then go see her on tour somewhere.

Lindsey Stirling everybody.  Also, here original songs are pretty damn good too by the way.  The videos are also really fun to watch and listen to.  Damn, I kind of wish I knew how to play violin.

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Halo RollerCoaster Tycoon

Halo is one of my all time favorite console video games.  RollerCoaster Tycoon is my all time favorite computer game.  reddit user thyeggman decided to combine the two together.

Halo Map

The asymmetric view and the way the map is set up make it really look like it’s curved.  I like that alot.  If you look closely, the sides of the edges are also some mechanical theming that make it look like the rings themselves.  There’s a canyon, and some elaborate Forerunner structure also.  This is definitely a well made map from a re-creation standpoint.  How well is it from an RCT point of view, that’s yet to be seen.

Halo Rollercoaster

He built a roller coaster in the canyon, that looks cool.  He even provided the save files so you can download it and try it yourself.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to installing RCT2 on my computer since the last time I re-formatted, and what with all my Alaska travels, I won’t have time to try them out for awhile since.  Someone else can though.  It looks cool.


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Halo Ender’s Game

Fans of Ender’s Game have wanted a true recreation of it for decades.  Well, some fans anyway, I’m pretty happy with the books and leaving it as is.  However, I would give this custom map and game-type of Halo 5 a go.  Xbox Live user Aurel1en made it and at first glance, it looks pretty neat:

You can download the custom map and the custom game on Halo Waypoint, but you need some friends.  Here’s hoping that this gets thrown into a rotation of matchmaking one day.  That and Halo Quidditch too.


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Quidditch in Halo 5

Those of you who’ve played Halo 3 back in it’s hay day know of the custom game variant of Griffball.  Unlimited gravity hammers and swords, and trying to get a bomb in the other team’s goal.  It’s more fun then it sounds.  Well, the above video is a great new take on that game variant.

Xbox user XxHugabearXx made a forge map that looks like a Quidditch Pitch from the Harry Potter Universe.  It’s a very well done re-creation of what I imagine from the movies.  The better part though is the low gravity and the hoops.  That change it from Griffball, into Quidditch.

You’ll need the map, and the Game file, both of which you can easily download for free on Halo Waypoint.