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Google Road Trip

You know, that is a pretty perfect way to display just how impressive Google Street View actually is.   I kinda want to do that to a room now, I have the projectors, just not the wall space.  Also, I don’t think that it would work well with anything but Street view, and as much as I want to go on a road trip down some random streets in the country, I don’t really want to at the same time, unless I’m doing the actual driving, because that’s more fun.  And you don’t look like that much of an idiot rocking out to your music while you drive.  Also, red lights take too long this way.

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Chicago sunset

The Windy City.  That’s where I’ve been, and why there’s been no posts recently.  Anyway, I’m back, and as soon as I go through my 1400 unread feeds, I’ll start with some more crazyness to post about.  But for now, here are some pretty pictures from my adventure.

Buckingham Fountain.

A little kid walked in frame carrying a light up stick and made that really cool squiggle.

We saw a Cubs game, they lost.

The reason I went, to see The Blue Angels at the 52nd Annual Chicago Air & Water Show.

That’s a good series of shots.

You can see some more Chicago shots here, and the Air & Water show pictures here.

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Grand Canyon Pictures

Everyone was wrong, but whatever.  Here are some Grand Canyon Pictures.

They are pretty nice if I do say so myself.  And it really was the most spectacular place in the world to go visit.  I took 1,775 pictures on my camera alone, not counting the 7 rolls of film, 10 minutes of video, and lots of other pictures my dad and uncle took.

We went on a Helicopter ride!  It was awesome! Here’s a video of that:

You should really check out the Panoramas, those are great!

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This is my favorite time ever.

11:11 on 11.11

Just look at all those ones!

It will get even better in 2 years, when it’s 11:11:11, on 11.11.11, but that’s a few years away, so we have time to prepare the best party the world has ever seen.

Also, I’m at The Grand Canyon right now, and will be for the rest of the week, so expect no posts, till I get back and go through the 1,400 pictures I expect to have taken in that time.  Thanks, and goodnight.

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I’m Back!

Yes, I am back with a vengeance.  Ok, not a vengeance, I just like that word.

Anyway, I did completly underestimate Chris, I wasn’t expecting him to post anything, seeing as he hasn’t in well over 2 years.  He surprised me, it will not happen again.  As for his entry into Stumbles 16, I am debating if that is a true entry or not, time will tell.

As for me, my vacation was awesome, I survived my encounters with the local wildlife, and even saw a raptor skeleton:

Yes indeed, there are raptors among us.

I’m still going through my photos, I took over 1300 of them, so it will take some time.  If you guys want to see them, you should ask nicely and maybe when i get around to finish going through them, I’ll post a link to them.  Maybe, you have to ask nicely though.  And if no one asks, then no one gets it.

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Steve’s Vacation

Steve has no faith in me. He has such little faith, he didn’t even ask if I would try and post some things. Well, little does he know that I have had a couple posts rumbling around in my brain for a while and I just might be persuaded to take over the blog for the next week.

So sit back and enjoy a week of my ramblings. I have better grammar and I spell things correctly.

I wonder what Steve would do if I did a stumbles 16…

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Isla Nublar

I’m going on vacation to Isla Nublar.  Well, the mainland anyway.  That island is still off limits to the public, and Sam Neil is not offering to take me on a private tour of it, so legally, I couldn’t go.  Anyway, that is where I will be for the next 8 days, and there will be no updates, so don’t expect anything.  Maybe if you ask nicely I’ll post some pictures of it when I get back, but you gotta ask nicely, real nicely.

And hopefully I wont get eaten by one of these: