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Blue Marble Machine

That was pretty neat.  Apparently, it took him 3 months to make that.  I can see why.  All the resetting, and rejiggering and accidentally bumping things.  It’s madness, but also pretty ace.

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Fragile Engines

If for some reason you wanted to make a steam engine made entirely out of (what I can assume is hand-blown) glass, then the above video should be right up your alley.  I’m sure that is serves some sort of educational purpose, but I’m also sure that whatever purpose it is, this device is far to expensive to be practical.  So I guess it’s purpose is to be ace.


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Tap Dancing Machine

Instructables user grandpapaning has built this pretty neat tap-dancing robot.  In actuality, it serves no purpose whatsoever.  In practice though, it’s a great way to teach people about the different areas of science – Electricity, electronics, mechanical design, turning electrical signals into physical forces.  In general, lots of stuff.  It’s all pretty neat really.  There’s still time left in this Christmas vacation.  Maybe you should look at building this useless thing.


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A Crap ton of Marbles.

11,000 according to the video description to be sure.  I’m sure there are more there, that large trey at the end seemed like the markers were past the 10,000 point before it flipped.  There weren’t that many different paths for the marbles to go though.  I think it would have been more interesting if there were a couple extra paths, or some more advanced engineering tactics employed.

Oh well, take a listen, and a watch, and be amazed!

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I do Nothing

For a period of 15 years starting in 1948 Lawrence Wahlstrom, the retired clock maker and by all means armature engineer, added many gears to a old WW2 bomb sight.  The actual number of gears is unknown, he stopped counting, or lost count, or both.  It’s over 700 though.

What do all these gears do?

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This isn’t Necessary

Marketing people never stop amazing you do they.  The those from Coca-Cola Israel released a short lived marketing gimmick camera that attaches to the bottom of a standard Coca-Cola bottle.  It takes a photo whenever it detects a change in tilt of at least 70°.  That photo is a selfie.  It’s interesting, but as I said, unnecessary.

Coke Selfie Bottle

{Peta Pixel|Engadget}

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Smart Shoes? (Or useless shoes)

Not exactly smart, they actually make your phone less smart, and less distracting.  How we evolved to need a special shoe to take the place of self control I’ll never know.  The idea that In Good Company has come up with is to make a pair of shoes that pair to your smart phone and, through settings on a special app, disable certain settings and messages and alerts on your phone at certain times.  Again, WTF do you need special shoes for this?  Most phones have settings that already let you do that.  I don’t get it.  Oh well, if people are willing to pay, someone will make it, that’s a given in the world today.


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Hot Glue Tricks

Some of the things you find in the subreddit of /r/diwhy.  As the name suggests, it’s more of a question of why would you do this instead of hey, I did this.  I’ve posted quite a few things from it before, most were dangerous.  These tips are really just crazy in the there’s so many other cheap ways to do it, why go through the hassle of using hot glue?

Honestly, I’m pretty impressed that he was able to bend that coat hanger into such an impressive hook more then that it can hold up an unknown amount of weight.


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Chainsaw Blender

I’m not sure exactly why someone would do this, but this is America, you can do anything you want.  So Insturcables user mikeurus used his ingenuity to power a blender with a chain saw.  It’s a great conversation piece, but it’s not something you’ll keep on your counter at home, too much toxic exhaust to keep around the kitchen I think.



DIY Circular Saw

Seriously, this is basically the worst thing you could ever try and make.  If you have nothing to do and want to waste some perfectly good hot-glue, then be my guest, make this aluminum can/sheet metal “saw”.  Come on, did you see the outcome of the cut he did?  That wasn’t even close to straight.  I could probably break the piece of wood better, ok, maybe not, but my point stands.  This is a complete waste of time.  Do not try it at home.  Ever.  I will think much less of you if you did.