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The Great Smokies and Japan

It’s no secret that I love the National Parks. They are steeped in history be it natural, historical, or modern. I kind of knew some of the history of The Great Smoky Mountains, basically the gist of George Masa being responsible for it. However this short 5 minute video is a great retrospective of all the work he did.

It doesn’t have the production value of a Ken Burns production, but it has the knowledge, and instead of dozens of minutes of overshots, and speculation and opinions it’s a straight video on the guy and his impact.

You should watch it because it explains the most visited National Park in the country. (Which ironically I still have not been to).



The decisive end to World War 2 came about 74 years ago today with the Atomic bombing of the port city of Nagasaki.  The Empire of Japan having not really believed what happened a few days prior at Hiroshima did not head the warning the US was giving and as such, something terrible happened.

Thankfully those weapons of mass destruction have never been used against other people again.  Hopefully the peace will continue for many more decades to come.

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Earth Day

Welcome to Earth, 3rd Rock from the Sun.  Today is the day that we celebrate it.  I’m not sure why, something from the 1970s.  Anyway despite what you might think you know about me, I do support the earth.  I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.  In fact, I’ve gone far out of my way to visit some of it’s most beautiful places.

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about the National Parks of the United States of America.  Currently there are 61 of them.  (Whether or not some actually deserve to be named parks is up for debate, but not here).  I have been to 28 of them.  Not everyone is represented on my website yet as a full review, (there’s not enough time in the day), but I have photos from them all.  I’m not posting 28 photos here, just some of my favorites.  So, check out the jump, read all about it, and remember, stay in school.

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Seventy Seven, Remember

USS West Virginia

The Infamous day was Seventy Seven years ago.  The speech will happen tomorrow.  But the day is today.  Remember it.

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SR-71 The Music Video

There is not much else to say except watch this grainy 80s era video showcasing the fastest airplane ever made.  Watch it, enjoy it, re-live the golden era.


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Drawing a Dreamliner

Here you can watch as the 737 MAX 9 and the 787-10 are flown in a synchronized aerial ballet that is one of a kind.  On the ground each of these planes is large, but when you see them flying next to each other that close in the air you can really appreciate the massive size they represent.


Oh, and the neat thing about this all, while testing the engines on an 18 hour test flight, the Boeing engineers decided to have some fun and drew the outline of the plane via the flight path across the majority of the lower United States.

787 across America


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Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day.  It’s important to remember all the causalities of our nation’s 240 year history.  Originally, this day was set to mark the end of The Great War.  However, over time, the USA changed it to honor all veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

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3D Wooden Topographic Map of the US

Wooden USA

redditor noahhl has spent in his estimate, 200 hours, building this scale model of the 50 States of America out of wood.  Did I mention it’s a topographic map?  Yea, he set up his CNC machine to cut out the mountains and valleys of the states.  The 50 states are represented by 15 different wood species.  It would have been too difficult and expensive to get each state’s official tree represented, but it would have been cooler I bet.

Here you can see the progress on Idaho:

Idaho Progress

The scaling is magnified by about 4x.  This is because in reality, the earth is pretty flat, and it’s hard to see height.  He thinks 4x is too tall and the peaks look too pointy.  Maybe it looks worse in real life, but I like the way the photos show the states.  Maybe individually, states look bad, but as a whole, it looks pretty good.

Here’s a rapid fire view of all the states:

Rapid Fire States

Here are two imgur albums you can browse through to see all the steps:

Album 1 | Album 2


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F-22 Demo Air Show

I went to an Air Show this weekend, this is the awesome demo of the USAF F-22 Raptor.  It’s really something to see the abilities of the F-22.  It just sits there in the sky, being all awesome like.  It’s easy to see how it’s the most advanced fighter jet in service right now.  Forget about all the stealth capabilities, look at it stop, flip over, and slowly fall to the ground, with the pilot in complete control.  That’s impressive.

Here are some other photos of the day.


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National Park Week 2015

NPS Logo

The National Park Service is having their annual celebration of themselves for the week of April 18, through April 26th.  This year marks the 99th year of the service.  Some of the Parks themselves are over 100 years old, the oldest, Yellowstone, from the 1872.  Yosemite was protected 8 years prior, but it wasn’t federalized until 1890, and the park service itself wasn’t created until 1916.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, this week, the NPS is going to celebrate themselves.  This weekend, April 18th and 19th, all parks in the system are free to enter.  I’m giving you guys plenty of notice, so you should plan a trip to one of the parks this weekend.  There are 59 parks, 79 monuments, 31 memorials, and about 250 other historic sites, sea & lake shores and other areas that the NPS governs.  In case you can’t get to them over the weekend, most of the places don’t charge an entrance fee, and the ones that do, are A. worth it, B. not so expensive.

Please, take this time to visit the greatest things that the US Government has created.  Support them so that in the future, these beautiful natural and historical features are still around for everyone to enjoy.