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A 360° View of The F-35

This is a pretty good video that goes over some of the advanced features of the new fifth-generation fighter, the F-35:

It’s a nice video, the beginning of it doesn’t really merit a 360° video, but it’s still cool.  There’s alot of 35,000 foot type view information given of the different systems and how they work together on this $400 million aircraft.  The meat and potatoes comes towards the end when they simulate the view pilots have while they’re wearing the next-generation helmet which gives them all sorts of advantages in battle.  I think you should watch the full video, it’s pretty enlightening and proves how the USAF is at the forefront of design and development military might.

{Business Insider}

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Border Differences

reddit user adamc4 has spent some time looking through Google Street View along the borders of US States.  He noticed that sometimes it’s pretty easy to tell when you’re entering a new jurisdiction without even needing the giant “Welcome” signs.

MD-DE Border

Other times it’s not as apparent, except for the abrupt end new pavement, and the mis-matched lines.

PA-MD border

It’s a neat exercise and I’m sure there are other examples.  He has a few more border differences in this imgur album.  People on reddit even showed that other countries are similar, except on a country scale.

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Metal Profiles

coin cut outs

Imgur user pfefferminzetea has cut out the profiles of the presidents for on each of a U.S. Nickel, Penny, and Dime.  It looks like they had to use a laser to cut it out so precise, either that, or this is a great Photoshop job.  Some people might be concerned that this is illegal because it defaces US currency, but those people mis-interpret the law.  It is only illegal to deface US currency with the intent of fraud, that is, turning a penny into a dime, or a $1 bill into a $10.  Otherwise, this is your money, do whatever the hell you want with it, this is America after all.

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Melting Caves

In the shadow of Mt. Hood in northern Oregon lies what is thought to be the largest Glacier Cave system in the lower 48, Sandy Glacier Caves.  Due to reasons beyond our control, the glaciers are retreating, and so the ice caves are changing.  Getting larger in places, but smaller overall.  They’re also pretty dangerous in general.  Think of a glacier and how it carved the valley of Yosemite, and left giant rocks all over the place in other places.  Now think of it melting, and you standing inside a cave.  All of a sudden a boulder falls on top of you.  Then you get stuck there and become a monument 100,000 years later in future earth where dolphins walk around.

Here is the somewhat long video they hiked up there to make:

It’s pretty good, but pretty artsy too.  I liked it though, and it makes me want to go visit it.  Or visit a Glacier Ice Cave somewhere.  Perhaps somewhere that’s easier to get to.

The Behind the Scenes video is better, like the title says, it shows how it was made, the equipment used, and stuff like that.  Plus it’s half as long.  But really, take 12 minutes out of your day to watch the two videos, and read this post.  You’ll do yourself a favor that way:

{Peta Pixel|fstoppers}

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Ivy Mike

I will never get tired of looking at pictures from operation Ivy, specifically Ivy Mike.  I’m pretty sure the above picture has appeared in the 2nd most number of individual blog posts, (first place goes to a special mosaic).   Last year I did a whole write up on Ivy Mike.  I could repeat the same information, but that’s just silly.  Instead I will let you know some other stuff associated with it.

  • Did you know I have Ivy Mike on my coffee mug?  Together with Castle Bravo & Hardtack Umbrella they make the Red, White , & Blue coffee mug of awesome.  26Mt of raw made in the USA power.
  • The Commies detonated their first thermonuclear device – Joe 4, in Aug. of 1953 (Mike went off in 1952).  Unfortunately that wasn’t even up to par with Mike, they didn’t break the  megaton barrier until 1955.
  • The Commies did outshine us in ultimate megatonage.  On Oct. 30, 1961 they detonated the Tsar-Bomba, an 50Mt beast that was originally supposed to be 100Mt, until the damn commie environmentalists got radiation concern.

Aside, Commie environmentalist, that’s got to be the worst insult you can get (from me).  It’s bad enough you’re a communist, you’re already my mortal enemy, but an environmentalist too.  Come on, you’re just asking to get made fun now.  But back to the good US.

  • The President, Dwight D. Eisenhower got a private screening of the famous video of explosion, before it was edited for secrets & broadcast on national television for many many days.
  • Mike was never intended to be an actual weapon, it was testing the theory & design.  This is good because as I mentioned last year, it was a full sized factory that weighed in at over 60 tons, and far too large for any aircract of the day to deploy it, (ICBMs had yet to be invented).
  • The Doomsday Clock was moved to the closest to midnight (11:58pm) regarding the denotation of Ivy Mike & Joe 4

And that’s that.

{Ivy Mike}


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The King of Stumbles

Partly because of the first picture below, and partly because I am in love with Sara Bareilles’ song King of Anything which I am embedding below because I can.

I think you will find that video excellent, and if you don’t whatever.  Anyway, below you will find the standard fare of awesome and wrong internet pictures I’ve found while stumbling around the internet.  There is a new contender for “worst picture ever.”  There is also some pretty extra lame jokes that made me laugh.   And there is a great ending photo that you will all love, if you don’t love it you are wrong and should rethink your loving of that last photo and get back to me.

Also, for those who care, this post was on: [20]10, 11/12 & 13:14

Anyway, end rambling, start stumbling…

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Welcome, to the Fusion age

November 01, 1952 the US military successfully conducted Operation Ivy and propelled the world into the fusion age.

Ivy Mike, pictured above, was the first thermonuclear, fusion bomb, H-Bomob, multi-megaton nuclear bomb humanity detonated.  Yielded at between 10 and 15 megatons, it was nearly 100x more powerfull then the bomb dropped on Hiroshima 7 years prior.  It remains one of the most powerful man made explosions ever, and if not for the runaway reaction of the Castle Bravo test, would be the largest nuclear device the U.S. tested.

Ivy Mike was far from the ICBMs of now.  It was a reffered to as a “thermonuclear installation” by our Commie enemies, and as a factory, whose sole product was a massive bomb.

In that sense you can either consider it to have the best or the worst workplace safety record, but there’s no disputing that it produced what it was meant to do.

Here is a video of the explosion for you to enjoy:

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Commie Spies!!1!

It’s like we’re all of a sudden back in the 1950s.  Earlier this week an alleged Russian Spy ring was exposed right in my back yard!

I’m not gonna go into details about this whole thing, that’s not my job, but I will say that I am excited because not only have all the Robert Ludlum books I’ve read begin to have a grain of truth to them, my 2nd favorite time in history is coming back.

I just felt that I should bring this to your attention, that’s it for now, you can go on with your boring life,

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Listening to The Man in the Moon

Not the R.E.M. song, although that is a good one.  I’m talking about the actual Apollo 11 landing.  Back in the 1960’s there was a guy who used his own home made equipment to listen in to transmissions coming from the astronauts on the surface of the moon.  CRAZY!

Using an antenna that he had to manually move to track the moon, he was able to hear what was being said on the moon 5-10 seconds before it was broadcast on TV.  Now, the delay could be from a number of reasons, but regardless, he was on the right spot.  There will be those doubters that say he was just picking up signal that came from the another station broadcasting it, well, that’s easily disproved because when the moon drifted out of his view, so did the audio.

The most impressive thing about all of this is that he did it, was published in the local newspaper, has audio recordings of it all, and has since been forgotten by society.  The US government didn’t even go after him.  After all, this was the time of Communist spies.  If this happened today you can be sure that whoever did it would be promptly arrested and held without trial until he confessed as to what Terrorist he was working for.

It’s really impressive how this guy did it.  It’s worth the read, and since the font is big, and nice, it goes by quick.  So give it a read, you’ll be impressed.  There are some audio files there you can listen to, but they’re not the best quality, but it still goes to prove it.

{Moon Image}