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What Up Bitches???!>

It’s me.

I’m back.

Suck it.

Sorry, things have been hectic around the Deadly Computer parts.  I don’t know if ya’ll remember, or if I ever told anyone.  I bought myself a house.

Long story short.  Houses are a lot of work.

I’m finally in a place where I can spare some time to update the blog every now and then.

Yes, this means that for the first time in who knows how many years I missed a traditionally annual post.  And I’ve let Alternate History Thursdays lack for almost 2 months.  But fear not everyone.  Because I’m back, and 2018 isn’t even 1/3 over yet.

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New Clothes

Did you notice the new clothes on the blog today?  Or to be specific, late last night?  Did you notice the speediness of the blog, and the site overall?  I did some early winter cleaning last night on the blog.  That includes:

  • Stripping out megabytes of data from the Database
  • Upgrading some hardware in the server
  • Making a new theme that’s more responsive, and lean

I’m pretty sure I cleaned up everything pretty well.  I know there’s some improvements I can still do on the theme.  There’s a few things from the old theme that I’d like to include, but in the interest of time, I elected to just polish up the current one and get it out.

Let me know what you think below.

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Did you notice that the blog got a facelift?  I hinted at it last week, and said I’d get it out eventually.  I really just got it out like the next day.  But I didn’t want to say anything in case it broke and I needed to fix it right quick.  Anyway, that’s that.

I’ve slowly been setting up my Christmas decorations, and upgrading my computer and been overall busy.  But that will soon change, for the winds have switched directions and the sails of adventure are in full swing.  I’m pretty sure that metaphor made no sense, but guess what, I don’t care.  This is my blog, my post, I’ll write what I want.

An important date is coming up, I might have a story for you, or I might get all sentimental, I haven’t decided yet, Zelda has been distracting me alot recently, and so it will be again.

Anyway, tl:dr, new theme, check it out bitches.

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So, you may or may not have noticed that the site has been down for the past week.  That’s because the server was going through a long overdue upgrade.  That’s right, I’m not happy to say that we’re sporting brand new hardware including a beautiful Intel Atom processor.  Be jealous.

Anyway, things should get slightly back to normal soon, I have a huge back log of things I wanted to post, and now that I’m not tripping over wires and computer parts, I should be able to get to them.

Also, I’m still fiddling with a few things, so don’t worry if something doesn’t work, give it a few minutes, it’ll be fine.



Is very important for servers.

Mine just came back last night, more on that exciting story later today.

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Feed Update again

Well, i forgot to tell you all, but i thouhgt i implied that the current feed is going to go dead soon, like the end of the week, and you should switch to the new one.

In case you missed it.  Here is the url again:

so yea, the old one is going to not be there anymore, so don’t worry.

If you dont want things appearing twice (you know who you are), i suggest you delete the old feed.

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Feed Changes

I made a few changes to the feed, it is now located at:

You’all should update your RSS readers cause there should be some better things coming with it in the coming days.

here’s a little button for you to click to make it easier:

Subscribe in a reader

See you on the other side.