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Music a Day

This is a unique take on the “do something every day for a year” trend that crops up every so often on the internet.  Paul Delgado decided to record himself singing two notes from Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 every day.  Each one of these one second of videos was then sliced together into the the above video.  It can get pretty intense into the video, but it’s worth the watch.  I’m equally as impressed at the amount of the world he was able to cover in just 11 months.

The new year is about to start, this is the perfect time to come up with your own answer to this awesome idea.  Get to it friends.

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awesome DIY science

The Cylindrical Period

This isn’t your dad’s Periodic Table.  This isn’t even your meme’s.  This is something different.

Periodic Lamp in day

Makendo from Instructables has built this really neat cylindrical periodic table lamp.  It’s pretty ace if you ask me.  Unfortunately, it requires access to a 3-D printer, or some really insane skills with a Dremel/router/bandsaw.

I like Hexagons, they are cool elements (pun intended).  I’m not that big of a fan of the color scheme he chose, but this is his lamp, so let it be.

Periodic Elements

I think it’s pretty neat that he’s attached vials containing the actual elements to each hexagon.  He only has 20 of them filled in right now, but it’s a great idea.  I do not like the way he has them protruding from the lamp.  It’s easy to get things tangled up on them.  I would have attached them horizontally across the middle of each hexagon.  Again though, this is not my lamp.

Periodic Lamp lit up

It’s neat, unfortunately, I don’t have the full means to build something this complicated just yet.  Maybe one day though.  I can add it to my collection of other things I have no place to display.



Small Paper Models

Paper Town
Collection of a month’s worth of models {Paperholm}

Just over 1 year ago Charles Young set himself a goal.  At times it seemed simple, other times it was excessive, but in the end, it was impressive.  Each day for one full year, he would craft a new unique paper model using 220gsm paper and glue.  On August 10, 2015 he finished his year long project, here are some of my favorites, but really, there are 365 of them to choose from, some simple buildings, others more intricate, detailed pieces.

Water wheel thing
Moving Water wheel thing {Paperholm}

It’s interesting to look through his archive and see the way his pieces have progressed in complexity and creativity as time went on.

Hanger, from October.{Paperholm}

This is a simple hanger like structure, it’s nice, but there’s nothing that’s supposed to move, and it’s kind of boring to be honest.

Piranha Plant
Piranha Plant from June {Paperholm}
Tree House from just this past July {Paperholm}

This tree house isn’t the most intricate model he made, but it’s still got some detail to it, look at the ladder, and the pennant string.



awesome photo

A Lake House

tunnel to room

In the the late 1800s an eccentric con-artist millionaire in England built a mansion with one of the most unique features in the world.  Under a man-made lake, he had an underground billiards room made.  This room is enclosed in thick glass windows that filter the light from above and cause an eerie glow about it.  The whole underwater system was set up to entertain party guests who would smoke, enjoy a game of billiards, dance, and admire the fish that swam by out the window.

Alas, the builder of the estate was a con-artist, and after he was convicted of fraud from bad loans in the early 1900s, he took his own life.  The (above ground) mansion went into disarray, but the underwater portion are still intact, but judging from the photos, it doesn’t look like it will last forever.

The Daily Mail has a nice write up on his story, so does Sunny Skyz.

room with person

Unfortunately, this picture with someone in it gives the room some perspective, and shows that it’s not really that large.

room at night

In case you’re wondering what it looks like from above ground, here it is at night, illuminated from below with the statue of Neptune showing it’s peak.


awesome haha! internet photo

Soviet Bear Will Fix You

Soviet Bear

As a general rule of thumb, I hate Communists.  Any and all, they are the sworn enemy of all that is Good and Free and American.  However, a particular unique student, or students have started their own campaign for Student Council elections.  It’s hard to tell how serious the whole campaign is, but it’s pretty damn funny, that’s for sure.

They have taken to making parodies of all the officially entered student’s posters.  The Soviet Bear posters are better.  About 100x better, that’s for sure.  I especially like the irony one of the Class poster:

This is the first poster I’d gather:


Here’s the counter by Soviet Bear:

Bear Class

Indeed.  I wonder how many heads that went over at that High School?

Anyway, this is all fun and games, but let me just tell you this.  I would not be voting for Soviet Bear in that election.  He’s Communist, and Commies are the enemy, always.