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Your own Custom Fonts

This is one of the coolest websites ever to be created.  Font Capture has a template that you print out, fill out, scan in, and from it, it will create a free font for you, based on your handwriting.  For the longest time I wanted to create my own fonts to use in designs, and stuff, but never had the time to learn how, this is simple, so far I’ve made 3 fonts, and I’m gonna keep going until I get the bests of them all in one font.

Here’s my current best looking one: lord.xeon I want to make some changes to some of the letters though.  It’s also hard cause I sometimes write letters 2 different ways in the same sentence.  Oh well.  Maybe I should try left-handed, that’d be weird.

You gotta write your letters inside those boxes, but there are no guides, at least when I write notes and stuff, the paper is lined.  So in my first font I made, nothing lines up right, and the period, and comma end up being in the center of the line, and some letters don’t go all the way to the bottom.  Also, my fonts are very small, but I guess that’s a better representation of my handwriting, which is small.

On a side note, I foresee this service as providing an excellent means for the future of ransom notes.  If you use mine, make sure you write it in purple ink, cause that’s the only ink I use.

Way to go UNEASYsilence