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The Birth of a UFO

Gone are the days when these things could be explained away as swamp gas reflecting off the planet Venus.  No, with the advent of cheap, highly maneuverable “drones” people can do all sorts of things.  At night, with a 1,000 watt LED bar attached to the bottom of it, and individually controlled and colored LEDs on each arm, you can create some pretty ace videos.  To a bystander however, they look eerily similar to the traditional UFOs.

I gotta say though, the resulting video is pretty ace.  (That’s twice I’ve used ace in this blog post).  I really like the video of the bridge.  It looks like a render doesn’t it?!

{Hacked Gadgets}

awesome google internet


Today there is a doodle on Google’s home page.  It’s marked “unexplained phenomenon” and has a picture of a UFO abducting the second “o.”  This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Google still has a sense of humor, and is still an awesome company.

We you expecting a doodle today?  I wasn’t, were you ever expecting a UFO inspired doodle, probably not.  Personally, I would have put this particular doodle up on July 8th, as that’s the date of The Roswell Incident.  But, that wouldn’t have surprised me as much, so I give them extra credit for just choosing a random day to post it.

I don’t know if it’s my favorite doodle, but it is awesome looking, so take some time out of this beautiful Saturday, and admire Google for their awesomeness.

a stumble awesome LEGO the greatest


Like the name?  I was inspired by Xbox live names.  people think all those X’s are cool.  I see them and laugh, and then mute their 10yr old asses.  And then proceed to kick their asses.  Anyway, I felt that Stumbles 15 deserved a “cool name”  so I made it Roman Numeral, and added some “cool” X’s in there for fun.  And no, there are no pictures of naked people in here.

Anyway, enjoy the Stumbles, and those  useful post-it notes that should be made now. {source}