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Weird Al is Still Awesome

Weird Al has released a new album, Mandatory Fun, which has a very Commie vibe to the cover art, I’m torn between if I should like it, or hate it.  Whatever, buy it.  But if you’re not convinced that Al is a lyrical genius, then take a look at some of this latest videos, oh, did you know he’s releasing a new music video for a different song every day for 8 days.  The song above, Word Crimes, is a parody of Blurred Lines, I like it because of it’s kinetic typography style.

Tacky is I think my favorite, even though I absolutely hate the song it’s based on.

The other two he’s released are Foil, which, after I watched it again, I remember that I love it:

Mostly for the strange location it goes in on the 2nd verse, it makes the song so much better.  I mean, Weird Al, was known for his food songs in the past, but this one is better.

I don’t like his latest one though, Handy:

As a bonus, here’s a DIY video someone made of his Hardware Store song, based on Harry Potter’s Dumbledore:

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The Shop-Vac song

I like kinetic typography, so it stands to reason that I love the above video.  The song itself is fun, but the way the words fly around make it better.  I’ve seen my fair share of horrible kinetic typography videos, but this one is excellent, up there with the V for Vendetta speech.

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Movies as Text

Here are a bunch of really, really well done in kinematic Typography.
V for Vendetta, the best one I think on the whole list is amazingly well done, and it also shows one of the good fun speeches of the movie:

The Classic Who’s on first scene. How can you watch/listen to this and not crack up?

Ocean’s 11 scene where Danny does the Vault demo, I have to say, this is one of the weakest ones in the list: