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Halo 64

Last month we saw the first trailer for Halo Infinite and it looked, underwhelming. A few weeks ago we heard that Halo Infinite is being pushed back to 2021 and I think that’s for the better.

Last week, twitter user @Hoolopee recreated the trailer in the style of Super Mario 64. Now, I don’t want to say that it’s better, but the retorness of it makes it enjoyable. Would I play this, probably as a novelty for a day or two, but I don’t think I would go as crazy all out for achievements as I currently do with Halo as it exists now.

It’s still pretty ace looking if I were to say so myself. But it also shows just how far technology has progressed since the mid 1990s.


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It’s Happened

It’s no secret that I am a great Jake and Amir fan. It might be immature of me but it’s one of those things that has stuck with me for many years. Every so often I go back and watch videos of them at random and I still crack up. It’s hard to choose a favorite from among their hundreds of videos, each one has great lines and moments. They’ve had many recurring jokes over the years, but one that was small (pun intended) and used a few of times has an unnaturally large following. I’m talking about going dickless for Chiklis. That’s right it’s an unexplainable phrase that made it’s debut in “Reddit” was followed up a year and a half later in “Reddit 2” until it was referenced a third and final time in Part 6 of the Finale.

It got to a point where people would @MichaelChiklis on Twitter the joke.  Eventually he found out and enjoyed it enough to stick with it.  Well this past weekend the joke has reached it’s conclusion.  Michael Chiklis himself went dickless:



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Get your Inauguration Coverage Here

No, not here, I’m not live streaming this mess, at Twitter.  Or, through Twitter, specifically at, which redirects you to a place holder page until it starts tomorrow morning.  Do not fear though, you’re getting the PBS News Hour coverage of the event, not some Twitterized view.  Though, don’t worry, I’m sure it will be controversy free and run without a hitch.


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1.6 Million Sunrises

The International Space Station just recently celebrated it’s 100,000th orbit across the globe.  Every day they get 16 sunrises, so this scene has played out about 1.6 million times over the last 17 or so years.

{Peta Pixel|Digital Trends}

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Person of Interest

Person Of Interest returned last week, well, actually 2 weeks ago, but it’s only a few episodes in, you can still catch up.  You totally should though, because this is the last season, and it’s important.  Watch it, Shaw is Back.

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Hurricane Comic

I don’t often post about the webcomics I follow, mostly it’s because I follow so few of them, or, the better ones have disappeared over the years.  Well, theWAREHOUSE, is one of the better ones I’ve followed for years, and it’s still around.  It doesn’t have long, over-arching story lines like some comics, but it does have recurring characters, my favorite being Charles the Raver.

It’s really one of my favorite comics, it’s one of the only comics that I will totally read, as opposed to look at the title, and see if it’s worth my time.  You should read it, it’s good, trust me.  And while you’re at it, why not enter the contest he’s having for the 1,000 comic.  Free, super easy to enter, and there’s 2, (two) prizes, a free t-shirt.

All you have to do is tweet #WRHScomic, or do the same but on Facebook (however that handles #).  Looking at the current entries on twitter, there aren’t too many, so this could be your chance to score a nice free t-shirt.  Or not, I don’t care.  I do think you should support this artist though, because his stuff is good.


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Public Space


Thanks to Twitter, Space will continue to remain free.  Or at least awesome photos of rocket launches, and the aftermath of said launches.  Following NASA’s lead, SpaceX has released all of the photos of their launches into the Public Domain.

SpaceX recently launched a Flickr stream of their photos of the launches, and processes, and rockets and stuff, originally the photos were licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, but NASA being a US Government agency, all of their photos are a part of the Public Domain, which means that you can do whatever you want with them and not worry.  Originally you had to credit SpaceX somewhere if you wanted to use their photos making it not so fair.  But, since Elon Musk is frekin ACE, he just up and decided he was gonna Public Domain those bitches cause someone asked him nicely.

You can thank Twitter user Pandoomic for it, he suggested it to Elon Musk.

{Peta Pixel}

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Parks & Recreation

It’s ok if you’re not familiar with the show Parks & Recreation, it’s never really broken out of it’s cult following, even though it managed to make it 7 whole seasons on NBC.  Seeing as how you’re on the internet, and you’ve somehow found this site, it’s pretty hard to not know some of the main characters.  I won’t bother going over all of them here, there’s just too many good lines, and it would do the show a disservice to ruin the good jokes by posting the best .gifs of the show, and let’s be honest, you can pretty see almost entire episodes in .gif format on certain sites.

No, instead I will point you to the following recurring short on Conan featuring Nick Offerman, better known as Ron Swanson:

It’s pretty useless, and shows the state of the world and what we care about.  There’s a whole series on them, you can watch them if you want.  I urge you however to watch Parks & Recreation instead.  It’s on Netflix, you have no excuse.  Also, the series is ending tonight, so really, you should get on watching it, it’s quite good.{imgur}

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The Perfect Shot

Ghost Busters

There’s alot of vanity Twitter accounts.  Some of them have made their owners famous, and rich.  The one thing that they all have in common is that they’re mostly enjoyable.  Do they all provide usefull information.  No, in fact, most of them are stupid.

The Twitter account One Perfect Shot, however, is dedicated to showcasing Cinema at it’s best.  Or, at what the account holder thinks is the best shot of various films over the years.

The above shot is from Ghostbusters.  I can agree that that’s a pretty great shot from the original Ghostbusters film.  I can also agree with the Spider-Man 2 shot below:

Spider-Man 2

Many, many of the other shots that he choose however I don’t understand.  Partly because I haven’t seen all of the movies he showcases, and partly because I just don’t agree.  While the shot he choose for Planet of The Apes was indeed iconic of the film, I feel like saying that’s the film’s iconic shot takes away from the spirit of the film, mostly because I think it ruins the twist ending that it’s so famous for.

There were a bunch of other shots that I didn’t agree with.  But I accidentally clicked on one of the twitter links, and when I went back, the lazy loaded page wasn’t loaded anymore, and I wasn’t going to scroll through the whole thing again and try and find them.



Google Glass Stadium

A few weeks ago Bon Jovi played some shows at Met Life Stadium.  I went to one of them, (sadly not the one above).  On Saturday show a kind person offered the use of their Google Glass explorer kit.

I’ve been loosely following the Google Glass phenomenon for awhile now, but until now I haven’t actually watched a video from one.  The quality of it is pretty damn good I’d say.  Some basic issues with focusing on the bright stage lights, but that’s to be expected.  The audio is not great, but they were on stage at a concert, nothing is gonna sound good, trust me.

All in all, I’d have to say this has potential, I like it.  Also, I like Bon Jovi.