Alternate History Thursday:- Falling Skies


Please don’t watch that terrible TNT show.  Instead, read the rest of this story and be amazed at the actual history that you missed out by being born in this reality, and not the alternate one that I’m about to describe. We still don’t know where the millions of people who inhabited NYC daily went.  … Continued

Planet Earth II


I never saw the first one, but this looks good.  I’m pretty amazed at some of the footage they were able to capture.  Either they had drones, or super high resolution cameras and then cropped it in very far.  It looks like a good couple of hours to waste when it premiers sometime this year … Continued

The Simpsons Did it First


The Simpsons is about to start it’s 28th season tomorrow night.  Every year I look it up, and every year I’m astonished that it’s been airing almost my entire life.  Naturally, with something that has about 600 episodes to it’s name, it’s bound to have tried to predict something, or in the Simpsons’ universe, poke … Continued

TV Drs.

0 Yes, it’s an advertisement.  Yes, it’s fun.  Yes, it’s under a minute long.  Enjoy it, then make a Dr.’s appointment.  Or don’t it’s a free country. {reddit}

Please watch The Last Ship


There are very few television shows I get excited about.  I’ve told you before about The Last Ship.  I’m telling you again.  Season 3 is about to wrap up, there’s only 2 more episodes left, there’s still time for you to catch up on the previous 2 and 3/4 seasons streaming it somewhere. This show … Continued

The last Person of Interest

0 This is it, the final chapter in the 5 year saga that has been Person of Interest.  I’ve posted before, I’ve tried to get you all interested, but it didn’t work out, in the end, CBS decided to cancel the series.  At least the show is going out on it’s own terms, so we … Continued

The Last Ship


It’s time to get aboard The Last Ship for another rocking season.  Season 3 of this very well done TNT show starts tonight.  It was supposed to start last week, but things happened so it was pushed up a week.  It’s all good though. For those of you who aren’t aware, The Last Ship is an … Continued

Reminder: The X-Files


Yes, the return of the series is 1/3 through already, but you should still catch up on it.  You can stream it on, you should if you haven’t watched it yet. New episodes are on Monday nights, so there’s still time for you to watch the first two episodes.  In case you need some … Continued

Person of Interest Season 4


Is finally available on Netflix to stream to your heart’s content.  Get on that because it’s totally worth it.  You gotta watch it so that CBS will realize just how good of a show it is and renew it for a 6th season.  Season 5 has finished filming but has no premier date yet.  It’s … Continued

Bruce Campbell AMA


Bruce Campbell answers some questions from a recent reddit AMA.  Most of it was related to the new Evil Dead movie, Ash vs. Evil Dead.  I was never really a fan of that series, I know Bruce from Burn Notice where he played Sam Axe.  In general, he seems like a generally good guy, and … Continued