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It’s not The 90s Anymore

But here’s a cut of a bunch of different scenes from famous TV shows and movies where someone tells someone else what decade it is and to get with the times.

It’s interesting to see how many references you can get, and then how many you actually remember watching. Either live when it happened, or in re-runs/re-watches. There’s quite a few, including the 2nd worst Die Hard.


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Star Wars: Underworld

This is pretty neat, too bad it never came to fruition. Probably because of Disney, probably because an unknown number of reasons. It’s neat watching the behind scenes of this pilot that never went anywhere. It makes you wonder what other awesome shows exist out there as test footage forgotten away on a hard drive somewhere.

Maybe this time of total quarantine will bring some of these awesome things out for the world to see.


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OG Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars was a unique idea, take a Pawn Shop in Las Vegas and chronicle all the crazy stuff that comes in. It could have been fun, could have been interesting. But when it’s so obviously set up, it looses the charm. That’s what’s happened to the show (very quickly). Manufactured drama, stupid “storylines” and recruited people & things have made it a blah show to watch.

That’s not the case with this old video of the shop. It’s interesting to see Rick and how much he’s changed and then how much more sane he was. Oh well, it was good back then, now it’s less background noise, and more avoid noise.


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20 Years of Survivor

Survivor is 20 years old! In 40 seasons of reality television that’s the equivalent of being elected President.

I remember watching Survivor back in the day when it was on Thursday Nights, I watched up until All Stars, then I graduated High School and fell out of the weekly TV rotation. Apparently I missed some of the more iconic moments in the show’s history. When I came back into it a few years ago there were these things called Hidden Immunity Idols. WTF?

For it’s iconic season, Survivor is bringing back 20 previous winners and pitting them against each other to try and win a $2 million prize. Like me, there will be a few players who never played with a hidden immunity idol before, but I’m sure they will know about it.

Heck, there’s a husband and wife duo that will likely be some of the first targets, as well as someone who won twice already!

You should check out Survivor this Wednesday evening on CBS.


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Who Built America

I might be 4 years past due here, but this series has been extremely fun to watch.

It’s also been a learning experience.  You know, back to the basics of The History Channel.  Before it turned into shitty reality TV and half-baked conspiracy theories. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good conspiracy theory, and I really to enjoy The Curse of Oak Island, but I haven’t exactly learned anything about history on those shows.  At least not something that will better my every day life.

The whole series is about 6 hours minus commercials.  You’ll thank me for watching it, trust me.

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I Dare You!

Double Dare

CNN Money is reporting Nickelodeon is going to bring back the classic fun game show Double Dare for a special 30th anniversary show!  I think the more interesting thing here is that Double Dare is as old as me (Or, technically a few months younger if you wanna get specific).  I thought it was a 90s era show.  I guess I just watched repeats and didn’t know it.  That coupled with a few made for TV specials and movies coming up and Nickelodeon is about to cash in on the nostalgia wave.  We need a Wild & Crazy Kids show, although, I feel that one wouldn’t be as cool to me.

I do like that they aren’t re-booting these beloved series.  Reboots nearly always suck.

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Please watch The Last Ship

There are very few television shows I get excited about.  I’ve told you before about The Last Ship.  I’m telling you again.  Season 3 is about to wrap up, there’s only 2 more episodes left, there’s still time for you to catch up on the previous 2 and 3/4 seasons streaming it somewhere.

This show is a rollercoaster of action and drama.  I think my favorite part though is that the writers don’t pull punches.  They also take advantage of being a cable show by using and showing violence, but not be gratuitous with it.  It’s safe to watch with older kids, and it’s mostly accurate from a military point of view (at least as far as I can tell and research that is).

I won’t spoil anything, just go watch it please.  I want a 5th season (season 4 has already been renewed).


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Fun with Magnets!

Powerful permanent magnets are fun to play around with and experiment and learn from.  Aptly named Instructables user Magnetic Games has a short 2 step instructable that  shows how to make a few neat things.

Actually, his YouTube channel is full of interesting experiments and toys you could make with ease with magnets.  I think the gears are pretty cool, and of course the accelerators are awesome, very MAC cannon like, which is a type of rail gun.

Unfortunately, none of these things are perpetual, so they won’t solve all the world’s problems at once.  But they will get kids thinking of new ways to try things, and with better electricity, and better components, we might be able to come up with innovative ways to do things using magnets.  Because Magnets Bitch!


Person Of Interest is Late

I know I said a few weeks ago that Season 4 of Person of Interest was available on Netflix.  Well, I committed a rookie journalistic mistake, and didn’t actually verify that before posting.  It turns out, Season 4 is stuck somewhere in entertainment limbo.  CBS decided to wait until January to start Season 5, but the September 22nd date was given months before that decision was made.  Naturally, CBS is trying to get the most bang for their buck by having Season 4 be available at a close time to Season 5’s debut, so they’re stalling.

That is unfortunate, I apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up, but fear not, time is flying and before you know it, Season 5 will be here, and you’ll be able to watch everything in a weekend.  It’s that good.

Now, instead of my usual two Person of Interest videos, here’s a new montage I found:


Person of Interest Season 4

You know I never miss an opportunity to post about my favorite show since CSI, Person of Interest.  Well, starting today Season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix.  Earlier this month the first 3 seasons were added, and now the most recent season is here.  Now you have only 1 excuse to not watch the show, you want to wait until closer to the Season 5 premier.  Well, that is a stupid reason because you will need to catch yourself up on everything before Season 5 starts.  Too much has happened, too much is at stake.  So watch it all now.  This way Netflix can see that this show is popular.  And if/when CBS decides to cancel the show, maybe hopefully Netflix will pick it up for another season or two.