A New House

New year, new goals. Have this tree house! Or not. While it’s pretty neat looking, it looks quite exposed to, well everything. It’s also way over reliant on technology, and requires a crane to be installed. Plus, it sticks out like a sore thumb on the skyline, you’re easy pickings for the robots to attack. No thank you, I’ll take my underground bunker instead.

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I love this Giant Treehouse

There’s something about a Treehouse that is just purely awesome.  What’s cooler then being above the ground suspended in a tree? (OK, maybe living underground protected by the earth).  I have a treehouse, its small and square and has a roof, but is still cool.

This guy though, he takes the cake for the best treehouse ever made ever.  It weighs in at97 feet high, with  10 floors, ~10,000 square feet, and over 258,000 nails.  The only things missing are running water, heat, and electricity.  I wonder if the state is collecting taxes on all this living space he’s built over the last 14 years?  (That’s why you make a bunker, no one can see it, no one can tax you)

It’s main support is in an 80 tall White Oak, that’s up to 12 feet wide at the base, but there are 6 other trees holding it up from the sides I’d imagine.

Look at that, it looks like a real house.  The floors are straight, and level, and not loopsided like how I would envision a 10 story treehouse.

There’s a lookout/Bell tower.  That is awesome.

I really think that the decoration on those support arches is beautiful, it gives it character, and does something with those extra useless pieces of wood.

awesome DIY internet science video

Tree Houses that you grow!

This is a pretty cool idea, i like it, and I want to start growing one 20 years ago, so that I can move into it in 20 years!  This is the most interesting concept for a house I have ever seen, and to think about it, I can’t really imagine why no one ever thought about it before, it’s ingenious.  I want to start growing one now!