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Drifting Trains

There really isn’t anything else to say regarding this video except that it’s pretty ace and you should watch it.

If only real life trains could be this crazy, we would have some killer new Olympic sports.

All of you people out there with these wooden train tracks, I’m looking to you to put something together which is 100x better than this video. I expect it. All 7 readers of this blog.


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Train vs. Tornado (Tornado wins)

The captions on this video explain everything, but because I want to fill up space and not seem like I’m wasting time, here’s the meat.  A Freight train traveling through the state of Illinois “accidentally” crossed paths with a F2 tornado.  I get that trains, especially freight trains, are very difficult to stop.  Though the weather is pretty easy to predict, at least a few miles out like this tornado was.  Surely the central command new something about possible weather issues ahead.  Though, then again, Tornadoes are spontaneous.  Perhaps it did just materialize out of nowhere and toss those train cars around like a toys.

Lesson to be learned here – nature is scary, don’t mess with it.


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Make a Coil Train

No doubt about it, electric trains are cool.  They are expensive though.  And you could get called “a nerd.”  But really, those people are just not cool, so there.

Follow the simple 4 step instructable to make “The Simpliest Electric Train“.  Now, watch the video of it in action.  It’s quite cool.  Except the jumps, that part sucks, don’t build this expecting to get some sick jumps.  You’ll be dissapointed.

If your kid, or brother, or friend wants a Train for Christmas.  A. Get them one, (if they’ve been a good child that is). B) If they like trains, then they’re probably interested in science.  Why not spend $20 and make this with them.  It will be cool and get them interested in science.

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Snow Blowers

For those who don’t know, the East Coast of the US is under a blizzard.  And since I’m head quartered along the East Coast, I feel obligated to post about it.  I could post some photos, but these videos of industrial snow blowers are cooler.  Way cooler.

Snow plows and blowers on trains are cool.  Especially whey the trains are driving pretty fast.  Look at this one, it’s pretty awesome, but I bet some signs got broken:

However, this hot air jet exhaust one is my favorite though:

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LEGO Trains

Youtube user bananenbuurman, has an impressive collection of LEGO trains.  I’m particularily fond of the First Person view of this track that goes through an underwater tunnel.  It’s pretty cool because of the scale, everything seems faster then it is, (it could be speed up, but it doesn’t need to be).  I watched the whole thing, and it’s basically the same loop, over and over, but each time it looks like the train is going to de-rail when it goes around the bend into the tunnel.  Also, some of the joints seem like they’re just kind of thrown together, and the train should not have smoothly transitioned over them.

I think it’s pretty cool though, there’s just something about trains.

If you watch this video, you can see the overall view of the setup:

Here’s another outdoor video: