Depth Charges


I’d say this was quarantine related, but probably not since quarantine wasn’t as in effect a month or so ago. I have to say it’s pretty fun though. Some unnecessary jump cuts in the video, but overall it’s neat. Kind of makes me want to try it too. Also seems like all the LEGOs are … Continued

Super cool Toy Car Tracks


It’s Christmas time and little kids all over the world are worrying about what Santa is going to give them more than what the spirit of the season is all about.  Well in order to bring their hopes and dreams down, I’m going to show them a set of insane Hot Wheels tracks that they … Continued

How LEGO Bricks are Made


I’m sure you’ve seen versions of this before, but never matter, I’m posting the above video because I thought it was fun to watch, and it’s short, and you can spare the time.  Trust me.

Army Man Bowl


Instructables user N36 has put together a short Instructable on how to make a fruit bowl out of Army Men.  It’s only 7 steps long, two of which are gather supplies, and add the fruit.  I like the idea, but sadly, these bowls are kind of useless for anything that’s not small enough to fit … Continued

McDonalds Hellscape


Art is weird. I mean, look at the detail this person went to to make this super creepy McDonalds landscape: It’s very detailed, and very percise, but it’s also very wrong.  Like, seriously, very wrong.  But it’s art, so someone likes it I guess. {Imgur|reddit}

LEGO Traffic Light


Instructables user Baron von Brunk has constructed a fully functional LEGO Traffic light.  Not a mini one either, a large scale version.  Possibly for a go-kart track or something.  It is nearly life sized, but I would guess that it’s not weather proof, and wouldn’t last out doors for long. Using nearly 1,800 LEGO Bricks, … Continued

This is alot of Dominoes


The thing I think I like the best about this video is the sound.  Just all those dominoes falling at once is so loud.  I like the Coub version of the video cause it just gets to the best part, and then loops it forward and backward forever. However, the source video is not bad, … Continued

Read The Stumbles


Some came from Sumble, some came from Reddit, let’s just bask in the glory that are the wrong internet pics.  There’s quite a collection this time around, it takes longer to collect them because I don’t get to spend hours and days on Stumbleupon anymore, just an hour or so a week before I go … Continued

Trouble for LEGO?


Apparently a Dutch court ruled that the LEGO brick is not protected by European Trademarks, and therefore, open to being copied and imitated legally. That is big news to me, and to LEGO too I’m sure, because for generations they were the de facto standard of building toys.  I played with them for more time … Continued

Playmobil Security Checkpoint


Coming soon, the Playmobil Build Your Own Bomb, and The TWA Flight 800 funset! To bad Amazon doesn’t have it in stock anymore.  They do however, have the HazMat, and Safe Crackers play sets though. You see, now we can teach our kids how to clean up after their failed attempt to build a nuclear … Continued