Train vs. Tornado (Tornado wins)


The captions on this video explain everything, but because I want to fill up space and not seem like I’m wasting time, here’s the meat.  A Freight train traveling through the state of Illinois “accidentally” crossed paths with a F2 tornado.  I get that trains, especially freight trains, are very difficult to stop.  Though the weather … Continued

360 Tornado Footage


It’s Tornado Season.  Or it was, or it will be.  I’m never quite sure when Tornado Season actually is.  I just know that when it starts, it offers some pretty awesome videos, photos, and time-lapses of the storms as the make their way across the MidWest.  This year though is different.  It marks the beginning … Continued

Twin Tornadoes


It’s Tornado season in the mid-west, and besides the death and destruction that comes to people who despite all rational thought, still make their homes in Tornado Ally and then complain when their houses are destroyed, comes storm chasers.  Yes, ever since Twister romanticized storm-chasing, it’s been a cool point of photographs and videos over … Continued

Tornado of Fire


this video is just amazing, look at the fire!