Don’t Get Lost


The exact opposite of last week’s post, this time the goal is to not get lost. The instructions are pretty basic and easy to follow.  The hardest part is waiting for the street view photos to load (you’ll be doing alot of “driving”…). I played it and ended up in some eastern European country based … Continued

The Pokemon Master


Google has a long history with April Fools pranks.  In fact, their most famous one (which wasn’t a joke at all, but seemed like one at the time), Gmail,  is turning 10 today. That’s not to bad if you ask me. However, this year, Google may have outdid themselves.  Integrating Pokemon with Google Maps, and … Continued

2048 – Addicting


I’m almost sorry for unleashing this addicting game on you, almost.  2048 has the simple concept of combining same numbered tiles together doubling their values from 2 – 2048.  It’s simple, yet addicting.  The exact requirements for wasting hours of your life in front of a computer. It combines math, and puzzle, and future thinking … Continued

Secret Youtube Fan Fetish discovered?


Alot can be said about the internet.  It’s a great magical place.  The equalizer of the world, Everything that’s said on it is true.  And so on. What you cannot say is that it’s full of normal people.  Not by a long shot. Now granted, there are a fair number of fetishes out there, most … Continued

Why Minecraft? Why?


Blame chris.  I do.  It’s totally his fault, he sent me the video, he made me watch it.  Ok, blame done. I don’t really get Minecraft.  Why would you spend so much time trying to make something that looks so shitty (pun intended)?  The resolution is not there, it’s all blocky, it’s time consuming, it’s … Continued



This is Super PAC-MAN.  And, when I say super, I mean, super.  Hundreds of user created mazes ranging from the simple 1 dot to eat, to the entire board being dots, to the ghosts being stuck inside a ring they can’t get out of.  Lots of messages of love, and an overall awesome feel to … Continued

Microsoft Pinball for Vista/7


Remember that pinball game you wasted hours away on trying to get the high on?  Remember how it wasn’t in Windows Vista, or Windows 7 for some reason? Well, thank this guy for getting all the files together, and making it work on Vista/7.  Truly, your time wasting has only just begun.

Musical Points of Light


Sometimes, I like simple flash things.  Like this musical maker thing. Just listen to my masterpiece isn’t it great?  Personally,I think I should have ended it before i added the bars on the right, but there’s no Undo, and I didn’t want to clear it cause then I’d never get it back the same, I … Continued

Paradox Dominos


See more funny videos and TBT Videos at Today’s Big Thing. If you do read the description on the site it says: This video is a paradox. You’d have to drink a lot of beer to get all those bottles. You’d have to drink a lot of beer to want to build this. You’d have … Continued