Alternate History Thursday: Thursday


Like last month, I’m going to dump some raw history on you.  Be forewarned. The month of June used to have 32 days.  It wasn’t until the Battle of the Bulge in 1649 that we lost 2 days.  We literally lost two days of the Earth’s orbit around the sun.  So much firepower, and so … Continued

Alternate History Thursday: Tuesday


Usually there’s a special date associated with an Alternate History post, but not this time.  No, this time it’s a straight up history dump of the greatest things you never knew happened because you’re not privy to that reality.  This will mostly be a bullet pointed list of things that I’ve uncovered over the years … Continued

Stop This Research NOW!


Extinct, my ASS! from The Original Joe Fisher on Vimeo. At first that seems like an awesome video of a new type of Museum exhibit, but upon further thought on it, you would realize that it is the last mistake of man.  To little kids, and the ignorant that is a fun, interesting thing, to … Continued

Will You Survive an Animal Attack?


Brought To You By Sex Stores Ah, what silly wastes of time these things provide. This one was entertaining at the end, because notably missing from the chart above but not the final printout the give is “Human” I have a 15% chance of surviving an attack by a human. Missing from both is “Robot” … Continued