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Alternate History Thursday: Thursday

Like last month, I’m going to dump some raw history on you.  Be forewarned.

  • The month of June used to have 32 days.  It wasn’t until the Battle of the Bulge in 1649 that we lost 2 days.  We literally lost two days of the Earth’s orbit around the sun.  So much firepower, and so many explosions increased the earth’s orbital velocity just enough to remove 2 days from existence.  Let that sink in why don’t you
  • Don’t confuse the 1649 date, that is the one that caused the time loss.  The Sceptres materialized along the coast of present day Nebraska.  Slowly they moved eastward toward the primitive American settlements.  Americans back then were just like they are now, trigger happy.  Unfortunately, they were no match for the Sceptres and destruction ensued
  • The Americans soon came to trust and love their new overlord allies.  It was through the Sceptres that the idea of independence came about.  For the years between 1707 and 1777, Americans, supplied by the Sceptres, battled the British.  They wanted out.  The British didn’t know what they were up against, the Sceptres were ruthless in their march across the continent
  • On July 02 (previously June 32), 1791, the Sceptres accepted the surrender of the British.  They then left the planet as peacefully as they came from the shoreline of Nebraska.  All people who had direct contact with them were invited (forced) to come along.  By 1792 the Sceptres were all forgotten. It wasn’t until I uncovered old Revolutionary War memorabilia in my great-cousin’s attic that I came across a map.  The map opened my eyes to the great conspiracy that has plagued this nation since our founding
  • I brought you this information on the Sceptres so that you could let your friends and colleagues know.  Tell your teachers, you read it on the internet, when has that (or I), ever lied to you?
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Alternate History Thursday: Tuesday

Usually there’s a special date associated with an Alternate History post, but not this time.  No, this time it’s a straight up history dump of the greatest things you never knew happened because you’re not privy to that reality.  This will mostly be a bullet pointed list of things that I’ve uncovered over the years of my research into the trans dimensional time-shifter device.  Feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding the verification of the following

  • Did you know that in 1734, early American settlers had traveled as far north west as present day Rapid City S.D.  They were fast moving across the continent trying to out run the Secret Nimphig revolution that was about to take place along the Coast.  The Nimphigs were what the Illuminati were know as back then.  They were about to usher in a change that is still effecting the world today.  And no, I’m not talking about the American Revolution.  We all know that that was the cumulation of the Free-Masons.  And while the two societies may be one and the same to the average citizen of humanity of today, 300 years ago they were as different as Americans and damn dirty Commie Russians.
  • The War of 1812 was a 2nd attempt by the Nimphigs to over throw the Free-Masons.  It obviously failed, but they were able to gain a foothold in western Canada.  That area is still feeling the effects of this war, as you no doubt can tell by it’s very low population.  This isn’t because the area is “in-hospitable.”  That’s just what the Nimphigs have told you is there.  They control the maps, they’ve had centuries to cover their tracks, they are waiting.
  • In 1914 they tried to show their faces to the world again.  (Un)Luckily the world was pre-occupied with the start of the first Great War and so they managed to infiltrate many different nations and ways of life.  The Nimphigs kept to the Americas.  There are huge tracks of land and resources around ever corner.  Since Europe was busy fighting about things that didn’t matter at all, the Nimphigs were able to infiltrate every nation of the America. In some places, mainly America, this infiltration was identified and destroyed quickly, but in others it persists to this day.
  • The stock market crash and the great depression, those are directly tied to the Nimphigs.  Governments were getting suspicious and so they needed an out.  The Secretive Seven as they were known among themselves devised the stock market crash.  They just didn’t realize how big of an impact it would have on the world.  They thought it would be localized and only last a few months.  In the end they weren’t able to easily secure all their belongings and start their own nation.  Instead they are among us still, collecting interest, waiting, watching, willing for a chance to rise again and show the world what they want – vengeance.
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Stop This Research NOW!

Extinct, my ASS! from The Original Joe Fisher on Vimeo.

At first that seems like an awesome video of a new type of Museum exhibit, but upon further thought on it, you would realize that it is the last mistake of man.  To little kids, and the ignorant that is a fun, interesting thing, to the knowledgeable we see what that really is.

By combining robotic technology with life-like dinosaurs, we are a mere one step away from our own destruction.  When the robots become self-aware, what’s to stop them from using their dion-skin to devour us, after all, it is in the nature of a dinosaur to eat humans, and that’s why all time travel to the Jurassic period has been banned*.

If we as a species are to survive much longer, we must realize the faults we are creating ourselves, and end this madness.  We must kill this research with an asteroid sized hammer, and we must do it soon.  Join me in my global battle against the robots and together we will prevail.

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*in accordance to TMT Law 003.7; Disallowed locales and times.

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Will You Survive an Animal Attack?

Brought To You By Sex Stores

Ah, what silly wastes of time these things provide. This one was entertaining at the end, because notably missing from the chart above but not the final printout the give is “Human” I have a 15% chance of surviving an attack by a human.
Missing from both is “Robot” this is clearly a needed addition because it is only a matter of time before A.I. develop, and begin enslaving us all. We must know our survival chances if we are to guesstimate how much of a resistance we will be able to have to fight.

Granted, all this will become useless if time travel is invented in another dimension, because then we can open up a portal to the dimension of Nazi Dinosaurs, and they can battle the robots, and hopefully we humans will be able to sulk in the shadows while they kill each other.

However, because time travel will not be invented, we must defeat the robot uprising before it happens.