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Bad songs made Listenable because of the Internet

Ah internet, you never cease to amaze me do you.  This video is strange to say the least, and scary to say the best.  I don’t like Lady Gaga, but I enjoy this video the same way I like the other videos in this post.  Me and Chris have scoured the web for the best parodies and remixes, of the worst songs ever for you to watch.

Keeping with the theme, here’s another Lady GaGa video:

This is sooooo good, watch it twice, I love how they bring in the 2nd home alone, and work in all the best parts.  It’s good, why aren’t you watching it again?

It’s Nazi Time.

This is such a great version of this song.  The worst part is the disclaimer at the beginning of it, but whatever, I’ll still award them points for Naziness.

These are kinda old, and I never posed about them, so it’s ok.  Here’s Ke$ha’s Tik Tok which was famously remade over on 4chan, and then became a meme.

The Star Trek one is pretty good.

But obviously I like the Nazi version the best:

Then there’s the Literal Videos:

Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Literal Version @ Yahoo! Video
I like Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I like The Dan Band’s version wayyyy better, so much so that I whenever I hear the real version I start to sing along with the Dan Band lyrics, because let’s be honest, that’s the way it should be sung, it just begs for it.

Disclaimer, I like The Backstreet Boys, no, strike that, I love them.  I regularly rock out to Backstreet’s Back in my car, and yes, I just admitted that.  Now, onto this awesome mashup of Never Gone, with clips of Hitler.

As Chris said, you can take any song and just overlay it with Nazi images and most likely I’ll post it, but, there does come a point where I will stop.  I reached it, and because of that you will get the best made video of the bunch last.

I don’t really like College Humor, except for Jake & Amir, but because I think Sarah is gorgeous especially so in this video, you get to watch it below:

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

That’s all we could find tonight. Well, we found alot more, but they were just too offensive (yes, that is possible from me), or just not fun to watch, mostly just not fun to watch. One day in the future we will have another one of these posts, but I don’t think it will turn into a monthly stumble event.