Agent Smith?!


jdbrew linked to this video explaining an insane (what I’m calling Fan) theory regarding The Matrix. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I understand that it’s 15 minutes long which include an unnecessary minute long intro, and (on my watch 2 (two)) pre-roll ads. Anyway, read the title of the post, then … Continued

Indiana Jones + Star Wars Theory


I love me a good theory that ties random movies together.  It’s even better when we involve Nazi’s in the mix, because seriously, it is, trust me.  So when I stumbled onto this Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Jack Ryan cross theory on the assassination of Hitler, I was hooked.   I broke up the original … Continued

Alternate History Thursdays


Another edition of Alternate History Thursdays, this one doesn’t focus so much on history, as it does on a theory to take on an actual product. The product, is the single greatest platformer of the where to buy software SNES generation, Donkey Kong Country.  I’ll let the video do the major explanation, but since it’s unwatchable … Continued