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Did you notice that the blog got a facelift?  I hinted at it last week, and said I’d get it out eventually.  I really just got it out like the next day.  But I didn’t want to say anything in case it broke and I needed to fix it right quick.  Anyway, that’s that.

I’ve slowly been setting up my Christmas decorations, and upgrading my computer and been overall busy.  But that will soon change, for the winds have switched directions and the sails of adventure are in full swing.  I’m pretty sure that metaphor made no sense, but guess what, I don’t care.  This is my blog, my post, I’ll write what I want.

An important date is coming up, I might have a story for you, or I might get all sentimental, I haven’t decided yet, Zelda has been distracting me alot recently, and so it will be again.

Anyway, tl:dr, new theme, check it out bitches.

awesome Deadly Computer DIY internet the greatest

New Theme!!!1@@1!!

Look at the awesome new theme I made.

This is part of the reason why posts have been slow the month of May.  I’ve been slowly and steadily working on this new and amazing theme. (And doing some actual work for some other people too)  But now that it’s out lets take it for a spin.

And I will that with an official post to endroctine the newness soon. (By the end of the night (before I go to bed)).

Let me know what you think about it.  I’ve made user experience much nicer, and the whole thing overall better (unless you use Internet Explorer, in which case, it sucks to be you).

Anyway, that’s it for until I go to sleep.