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Agent Smith?!

jdbrew linked to this video explaining an insane (what I’m calling Fan) theory regarding The Matrix.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I understand that it’s 15 minutes long which include an unnecessary minute long intro, and (on my watch 2 (two)) pre-roll ads.

Anyway, read the title of the post, then think what Neo is supposed to be, then switch them up. That’s the gist of this theory. Yes it was posted 5 years ago, yes I am just seeing it today. Deal with it.

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LEGO Matrix Lobby Shootout

The Lobby Shootout is the best scene from the original Matrix.  It showcases bullet time excellently.  The only thing it doesn’t do is show Agents.  But that’s alright, you don’t need to know anything about Agents to know that this LEGO recreation of the scene is awesomely well done.  I can’t imagine how long it took shoot this.  The stop motion animation LEGO require is dedicated.  Not to mention all the guns necessary for the recreation.

In case you want to see what the original looks like, here it is, it’s pretty faithful, right down to the newspaper reading guard: