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Interactive Wooden Landscape

Valley View

This is pretty neat, ETM: Exploration Through Motion is an interesting view of a once static asset.  A team of students from the Philadelphia University created this as their final project in Design 1.  Together, they took the Thomas Moran painting “Grand Canyon of the Colorado River”, and made a 3D laser cut map diorama of it.

Turning a gear in turn turns a series of other gears that steps down the speed and ups the torque significantly.  This in turn raises internal cams, which in turn raises a base layer of dowels that finally, raises the laser cut landscape.  At first, I wasn’t sure why all the gears were necessary, I thought it was only for looks, but it’s actually quite a needed gear reduction in order to get the torque necessary to lift the heavy map.


Read more about their process, and see some more photos and behind the scenes stuff on their Behance page.


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How Big is The Grand Canyon

Yes, The Grand Canyon is big, but how big, it’s hard to say, even being there, it’s hard to comprehend the sheer size of the canyon.  The above video gives you a good idea of how large the canyon is, and what it would take to fill it all up.


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Grand Canyon Rafting

I’m back!

Well, I’ve been back for about a week now, but I’ve been busy, going through photos, cleaning up, going though videos, working, going through more photos.  Anyway, I think I’m just about finished (with The Grand Canyon photos that is), now, so I’m back, you can expect some more active posting in the coming days.  Chris said he was going to post something, then he got lazy, shame on him.

My favorite photos from the trip are of the Time-lapses I took each night on the river:

I set my camera up to take photos every 5 minutes for the entire night.  I them processed them in Lightroom, and combined them together to create the above Time-lapse.  I made 4 total time-lapses, two for each night, one processed, one original.  You can watch them here: Night Sky Time-lapses.

If you want to see some of the rafting photos I took, come take a gander over at the album I’ve put together: Rafting Trip.  Also, we had a camera set up to take video as we were going through the rapids, some of those are pretty cool, take a look at them below:

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The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

It’s that time of year again, vacation time.  Specifically, The Grand Canyon, more specifically, rafting down it.  Yes, I’ve been to both Rims, and now I am going to be rafting down the canyon for 3 days.  It is most likely going to be some of the funnest times I’ve ever had.  In addition to this rafting trip, I will also be making sequel visits to Bryce & Zion National Parks.  It’s kind of annoying that I’ll be there durring the same exact time of the year as my first trip, but hey, I will never pass up a trip to a National Park.

This is a shorter trip then usual for me, but still, expect the same limited posting capabilities while in Vacation mode.  Unless chris takes over that is.  But I don’t think that will happen.

See you next week sometime.