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Attack of the Games

I like video games, and i like videos, so here is a good video of some video game characters (most from the early days of it), attacking New York City.  I’ll be honest, the only reason I’m posting about this is because there’s a Tetris part to it, and a very nicely done Tetris part too I might add.

{Yes, ICantSeeYou}

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Geometry Wars Natal

Geometry Wars is the 2nd best game on the Xbox 360, and until Halo 3 came out, the only real reason to own the console.  It was so addicting that I skipped class, and homework, and sleep to try and beat my high score.  Like Tetris, it’s just perfect.

What is not perfect is the attempt at a Natal control interface shown below:

From the looks of it, the game does not look easy to control with Natal.  I’m glad to see that Natal is being used for something interesting, but I don’t think it will work.  For one thing, I’m not gonna buy Natal just to play GW, (and as long as its not required for Halo Reach, I probably will never get it).


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Tetris is in your sleep

I will admit Tetris has been soaked into my mind many times at night when trying to sleep, and to be honest, I don’t know how well this custom pillow case would help me get it off my mind and off to sleep, but, the idea of it being there is awesome in itself.  {Flickr | Boing Boing}

Also, here is a great Simpson’s clip of Tetris

simpsons tetris – MyVideo

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Tetris Connect 4?

I have no idea how this game ever came into being.  I can imagine the board room discussion.

“Hey, you know, my kids love Tetris, and when they were younger, they loved Connect 4.  We should combine the two to create something monstrous!”

“Johnson that’s a great idea!”

Oh well, it didn’t last long, as it’s currently discontinued, but like the Technabob says, ebay is the place to go, for only $5 how can you go wrong?!

Made by Radica Games

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Tetris is 25!

This is my favorite Google doodle of all time now.  There is very little that will be able to replace it.  Perhaps if I draw my own one day and it gets up.  But that wont happen.

It is alittle hard to read, but that’s ok, because I know what it says, and besides, it’s about to get cleared with a Tetris in a second or two.

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Tetris in your Shower

More proof that Tetris is the game that is everywhere.  Interactivity is no longer involved.  Well, at least multiple times interactivity anyway.  Since you get to play with these Tetris themed tiles a few times while you set them up to go on your wall.  Once they’re in though, no more.

I think they are awesome.  And when I make my own house, these will be in at least one bathroom, somewhere, wall or floor, not ceiling, that’s weird.  Hopefully by then they will have custom Pantone colors up, this way I can submit the official Tetris colors from the Original game (played on a GBC).  Cause those blue and black, and pink and white colors, yea, not for me…


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Tetris Theme

Ahh, Tetris, how I love you…kind of a weird video though…

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Tetris – The Movie

Um, just wow, this looks like an interesting movie…of course, sicne it’s Tetris based, there is no real story there, but I also would probably see it, (or most likely download it, it really doesnt look like its even worth a rental), but alas, no one is dumb enough to actually make a real Tetris based movie, I hope…

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Tetris for Breakfast

This is the most delicious version of Tetris ever.  I wonder if the cleared lines get eaten?  They must!


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Tetris, will it help destroy us?

Ahh Tetris, it is my all time favorite video game ever. I make regular posts about it, but little did I know just how much it is going into helping with the creation of AI.

Tetris A.I. has actually been in development for quite some time now, 5 years and counting, and yes, it has been evolving.  The findings show that a computer can play Tetris better then a human can.  This is frightening.  For Tetris is the most simple of games, and easy for humans to master (I am awesome at Tetris), But teaching robots to play Tetris, that is taking it too far, for once they master that (which they have), then it’s a simple step onto mastering other games, and, then making games, and then, how long before they make the perfect game, The Matrix?

Not long at all, we must stop this research NOW! The sooner we end research into A.I. the longer we as a species will be able to live (provided no one goes crazy)