Tetris JENGA

Tetris Jenga Box

For $26 on Amazon you can get this pretty unique game that takes Tetris into the our dimensions.  On the surface it’s regular Jenga, but the pieces aren’t straight blocks, they are the familiar pieces from Tetris.  As you can see, you can get some pretty incredibly impossible structures here.  The only question I have is how would you pull some of the pieces out because of the angles?

Tetris Jenga played


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There really isn’t much to this post except to go over Tetris, arguably the most addicting game in history.  Some of the things in the video above I knew, others I forgot, but still, it’s 6 minutes long, and it will make you want to play the game again.  Also, the song will be stuck in your head, you’re welcome.

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Tetris Lights

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted something regarding Tetris.  That ends right now.  Online shopping website, vat19 has an officially licensed Tetris light set for $40.  You can skip the first 30 seconds or so of the below video, it’s not necessary.  What is cool though is the way it works.  The power of low-voltage electricity allows the metal edges to conduct the power so that you can endlessly re-arrange the pieces in countless different ways.  No word though on if all the lights turn off if you create a perfect rectangle. {imgur}

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Playable Tetris T-Shirt

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve featured a Tetris post.  I don’t know if that’s because there has been a lull in the game, or if I just haven’t seen any new appreciations towards it.  Oh well, that time is up now.  Mark Kerger has made a playable Tetris t-shirt using one of our favorite building materials, LEDs, and an Arduino unit.  It’s pretty cool, but I gotta say, the video demonstration he has is boring as hell.  Put the Tetris theme in there, here, I’m embedding it below too, now it’s stuck in your head.

You’re welcome.


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Domino Tetris

This could perhaps be the longest game of Tetris for the least amount of points ever.  I counted 11 lines, including 1 Tetris, over a very long amount of time because he needs to move each square piece one at a time, and then reset it up when he accidentally knocks them over.  Time consuming.

Anyway, some of you might be woundering why I didn’t include this in the Starry (Domino) Night post from earlier this week, well, because this deserves it’s own special treatment.  So here I go.

This guy has patience.  Lots of it.  Now, those who know me know I also have an unnatural amount of patience, but I’m not quite sure I’d have enough of it to do something like that, let alone some of the other things they’ve made.  Seriously, 3-D dominoes, I’d probably never think to set them up that way.  But look at the amazing works of art you’re (they’re) able to make by going into that 3rd dimension.  It’s pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

{Flippy Cat}

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The Stumble Post of Tomorrow

Oil fire? Nope, that’s just sunset at that refinery, truly a beautiful scene.  {source}

Yes, it’s been quite some time since the last stumbles post, too long you might say, but fear not because there are some gems included in this post.  Including the above photo.  Which I have to say, that is a beautiful site, it’s the Grangemouth Refinery in Scotland, and it’s at sunset.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sure if we could get a thunderstorm in the background, that would be an equally impressive sight.

Anyway, enough with the approval of modern industrial prowess, let’s get onto the good shit, literally…

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The smallest Tetris ever

Ah Tetris, are you not the greatest game ever made?  We’ve seen you played on your fridge, in your bathroom, with real people, with paper, and even via DDR.  It appears in your drinks, and on the side of your building.  It is, the ultimate game.

The real question is, where has Tetris not been?  Well, until recently, that answer has been on a micron level.  Using super highly focused lasers, and microscopic glass beads, students at VU University Amsterdam have constructed what I will call the most elaborate game of Tetris I’ve ever seen.  They even put the soundtrack in, how ace is that?

Now, we need to create an atomic version of Tetris.  Or are regular atoms just that to begin with?

{Engadget | New Scientist}

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DDR Tetris

It’s been awhile since I posted about Tetris, granted, not much can change in a 26 year old game.  There’s only so many times you can see it on the side of a building before it gets repettitive.  This however is a new way to play Tetirs.

What’s more, the people who made it, some smart people at MIT, made 2 of them, and made them multiplayer.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that there is almost no way to make versus Tetris enjoyable, either to play or to watch.  And, I won’t say that this was fun to watch, because the guy on the right was absolutely horrible at it.  I don’t know if I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and saying he lost on purpose to the girl, (which is acceptable), but the way he played is just not acceptable.  You can let some one win, and you can just utterly suck at something, I’m afraid that that guy falls into the latter.


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This is a hard game.  I was able to get a 7 line game, but I didn’t screen shot it, or save the replay.  Oh well, 5 is pretty good.  And for those of you who won’t read the intro, you can get every piece.  It’s hard.  I’ve yet to get a T piece, probably because they are so usefull, and like the name says, it’s hatefull.

Anyway, enjoy you’re game, and don’t come crying to me when you can only get 0 lines.

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Exciting Employment Opportunities!

Last night I got this email from Lisa, a recruiter working for AFLAC, a fortune 500 Health Insurance Company.  Here is is, exactly as she “wrote” it:


My name is Lisa XxxXxxx and I’m a recruiter working for AFLAC, a fortune 500 Health Insurance Company.  My regional manager, Jason XXXXXXX saw your resume online and asked me
to contact you to see if you’re currently still looking for employment and to see if you would be interested in setting up an interview for Friday of this week or Wednesday of next week.

We have a limited number of positions available at the newly opened Regional Office in Elmsford, NY with great opportunities for growth.  The Benefits Consultant position is a
sales position that is commission based.

If you have any questions or would simply like to schedule an interview, please e-mail me.  If I don’t hear from you, I will follow-up early next week.

Thanks in advance!

Lisa Xxx Xxxx

I added the X’s in her last name so just in case this person really exists.  And, that space between the two sets of X’s in the signature is there in her signature too.  Also, the weird, not well formattedness of the email is also the same as what I received.

Here is the response I sent to her:

Hello Lisa,
I don’t know who you are, or where your manager found my resume, but one of you clearly must not know how to read.

The Benefits Consultant position is a sales position that is commission based.

Seeing as how I don’t have any experience in Sales at all, and no where on my resume do I say I want to go into Sales, I find this to be an excellent opportunity to allow me to further my people skills, as they are quite lacking.  The last phone call I got I was forced to threaten the people on the other end with an unlimited supply of cardboard cutout donuts of which they would have to pay for before they would hang up on me.  I just don’t know how to end conversations, so it’s a good thing that I have unlimited minutes on my cell phone plan.

I actually had a conversation once with my cousin that lasted 13 hours.  See kept me sane as I drove cross country trying to escape pursuit from covert government time agents from the U.S.S.R.  Funny story about that actually, about 5 years ago I stumbled upon a rift in the space time continuum that allowed me to travel through time at my own will.  Now some people would use this for their own means, me I used it to fuck with the past of various timelines.  I wont take credit for anything (I’m too modest for that) but in some timelines, World War 3 did indeed happen, and it was impressive.

After awhile though it got boring, and eventually I got myself into some trouble, I got sloppy and kept going to the same places, at the same time, and it wasn’t long before people caught on, and discovered my secret.

These particular agents, from The Eternal Time Resistance Inforcement Squad, or TETRIS, were from the U.S.S.R. and they wanted my knowledge.  What they wanted to do with it is anyone’s guess, but luckily I got away.  My cousin thought the story was pretty crazy and out there and suggested I go find myself help.  I didn’t listen to her, I figured keeping her awake for 15 hours straight as I drove from New Hampshire to Alabama was just making her all crazy in the head…

Oops there I go again, just keep taking, it’s really a wonder how I am able to get anything done in life.  So I think this sales Job will be a real improvement for me, or at the very least allow me to hone my skills of discovering future TETRIS agents, and dealing with them in an appropriate manor.


My name is Lisa XxxXxxx…..My regional manager, Jason XXXXXXX, saw your resume online and asked me to contact you

It’s very nice of you to introduce yourself to me Lisa, and even say the full name of your manager.  But you don’t seem to know who you’re talking to.  My name is clearly written on my resume.  Hell, it’s even in the email address you used to send this cookie cutter email to.  But again, neither of you must have read my resume, because you couldn’t even go so far as to personalize this email.  You didn’t say Hello Stephen, or Hello Sir, or Hello lord xeon, past, present and future ruler of the R.R., and current crusader against the evil agents of TETRIS.

Did you know that the only effective way to eliminate an agent of TETRIS is to get 10 or more of them together and line then up in a row, then you take a Russian made AK-47 assault rifle, or a Luger, as those are the only two guns capable of shooting through them cleanly.  Once they are shot they all go through a seizure like effect, and then just disappear.  I’m not quite sure where they go, probably another universe, or timeline somewhere to get retrained, because no matter how many I eliminate, more just keep coming.  Hopefully this sales Job will allow me to find others who think like me.

Unfortunately, at this time I am going to have to decline you’re offer for employment at AFLAC, a fortune 500 Health Insurance Company.  I’m just swamped with TETRIS.  This game of cat and mouse can go on forever.  I seem to have the upper hand right now though, because I recently caught 80 of them over this past weekend, so I may have some free time coming up, but it wont be for long, I need to use this time to set up traps, maybe even travel a few times to these other timelines and go on the offensive-defensive-alternative music rampage.

I wish you as much luck in your endeavors, as you wish me in mine,

Past, Present, Future  & only leader of the R.R.
Discoverer of the Abandoned Time Displacement Theory
Winner of 3 Westmin Agreement Prizes, and 2 Ardsley Cannon Medals
Inventor of the Wheel, Fire, & breathing

P.S. in case you didn’t get the joke:

I have no interest in a Sales position, I suggest you take the time to read the next resume over before you send out emails.  At the very least you would be able to know the name of the person you are soliciting.

I wonder what she will think of it.

Also, in case you’re wondering what is on my resume, why don’t you take a look.

Anyway, thought I’d share that little gem with you.  I find it to be a complete work of art.