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I Dare You!

Double Dare

CNN Money is reporting Nickelodeon is going to bring back the classic fun game show Double Dare for a special 30th anniversary show!  I think the more interesting thing here is that Double Dare is as old as me (Or, technically a few months younger if you wanna get specific).  I thought it was a 90s era show.  I guess I just watched repeats and didn’t know it.  That coupled with a few made for TV specials and movies coming up and Nickelodeon is about to cash in on the nostalgia wave.  We need a Wild & Crazy Kids show, although, I feel that one wouldn’t be as cool to me.

I do like that they aren’t re-booting these beloved series.  Reboots nearly always suck.

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The last Person of Interest

This is it, the final chapter in the 5 year saga that has been Person of Interest.  I’ve posted before, I’ve tried to get you all interested, but it didn’t work out, in the end, CBS decided to cancel the series.  At least the show is going out on it’s own terms, so we will have closure there.  This final season has been a typical Person of Interest roller-coaster ride, I’ll be sad when it ends.  Tune in tonight, let’s make the numbers giant.

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The Last Ship

It’s time to get aboard The Last Ship for another rocking season.  Season 3 of this very well done TNT show starts tonight.  It was supposed to start last week, but things happened so it was pushed up a week.  It’s all good though.

For those of you who aren’t aware, The Last Ship is an action thriller set in the months immediately after a global pandemic has killed roughly 80% of the world’s population.  The source of the virus is melting ice caps and pre-historic animal carcasses that have begun to thaw out.  The virus isn’t all killing, and there is a cure for it, but the real meat of the show is how the crew deals with the knowledge that they are the last surviving members of the United States of America as they know it.  There’s plenty of threats be it rebels, commies, or religious zealots.  That’s an oversimplification of the first two seasons, the third one starts tonight, I hope you’re watching with us.

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Person of Interest Season 4

Is finally available on Netflix to stream to your heart’s content.  Get on that because it’s totally worth it.  You gotta watch it so that CBS will realize just how good of a show it is and renew it for a 6th season.  Season 5 has finished filming but has no premier date yet.  It’s either going to be in spring, or summer of this year.  I’m hoping it’s a summer premier, and a summer show.  This way it will have much less competition and potentially have a chance to shine and grow and get renewed.  At least, one can hope that is.  Until then, just watch it on Netflix, really, is it that hard?  It’s such a good show too.  Here, I’ll show you:


Person Of Interest is Late

I know I said a few weeks ago that Season 4 of Person of Interest was available on Netflix.  Well, I committed a rookie journalistic mistake, and didn’t actually verify that before posting.  It turns out, Season 4 is stuck somewhere in entertainment limbo.  CBS decided to wait until January to start Season 5, but the September 22nd date was given months before that decision was made.  Naturally, CBS is trying to get the most bang for their buck by having Season 4 be available at a close time to Season 5’s debut, so they’re stalling.

That is unfortunate, I apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up, but fear not, time is flying and before you know it, Season 5 will be here, and you’ll be able to watch everything in a weekend.  It’s that good.

Now, instead of my usual two Person of Interest videos, here’s a new montage I found:

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The Truth Is Still Out There

This coming January marks the return of a show that defined Television.  Yes, just as one decade long show came to an end, another one is resurrected, if only for short mini-series.

The X-Files is coming back to Fox, back with Mulder and Skully, back with Skinner, back with the whole gang it seems, and it’s still full of mysteries.  Hopefully it will be as good as we remember and want it to be.

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The Final Murder

After 15 seasons, and 337 episodes, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is finally closing up shop.  Apparently, Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada will now either be murder free, or open for business, depending on how the final 2 hour series ending episodes pan out.  The good news is that Grissom is back, along with Catherine Willows, so we’ll have some good old fashioned CSI to go out on.  If only we could get some of the other minor characters to show up too, Riley, Wendy, Sofia.  That would be stellar.

I think you should all watch it, so that we can remember the good times of the greatest crime drama Television has ever had.

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Did you know there was a Television series set during the middle/late years of World War II when The Manhattan Project was in full swing.  It’s called, naturally, Manhattan, and it’s on WGN America, which until recently, only had the syndication rights to Person of Interest to show for itself.  Again, I’m glad that I didn’t skip this ad while I was watching regular YouTube videos.

Check out the trailer for season 2 below:

Here’s the WGN website on the show.


Person of Interest Season 4

You know I never miss an opportunity to post about my favorite show since CSI, Person of Interest.  Well, starting today Season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix.  Earlier this month the first 3 seasons were added, and now the most recent season is here.  Now you have only 1 excuse to not watch the show, you want to wait until closer to the Season 5 premier.  Well, that is a stupid reason because you will need to catch yourself up on everything before Season 5 starts.  Too much has happened, too much is at stake.  So watch it all now.  This way Netflix can see that this show is popular.  And if/when CBS decides to cancel the show, maybe hopefully Netflix will pick it up for another season or two.


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Wasp Friends

I’m not sure why, maybe it was for a school project, maybe it was to try out a new camera, or new video editing software.  But YouTube user Patrick Ketch has decided to make the Friends Opening Credits, but with drawn cards, and dead wasps on strings.

For reference, this is the opening credits from Season 1: