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Concrete LEGO Molds

LEGO Bricks are pretty much usable for anything.  Ben Uyeda has decided he wants to build his own Nesting Table design out of concrete.  He also decided to use the easy to assemble LEGO bricks as his mold of choice.  The best part is that the LEGOs aren’t even remotely close to being ruined or destroyed.  Some soapy water will clean them up in no time.


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Conference Table King

When I become a multi-millionaire all of the furniture I don’t build myself, will be made by Tora Brasil.

This conference table made from a gigantic old tree is just a thing of beauty:

tree conference table

I don’t know why I would have a conference room, but I would still have this giant table.  It’s so beautiful.  And this coffee table, I know I already have one awesome table, but I drink alot of coffee, so I’ll probably need some more tables to put it all on.

Coffee Table

Before all you tree huggers come out let me just tell you, don’t come on my property, you will be shot at.  Then, you should know that Tora Brasil uses discarded pieces that can’t be used for regular common people furniture.  So Tora Brasil takes the ugly ducklings, and turns them into the most beautiful swans you could ever want.

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RGB LED table

I like tables.  I like weird interesting, not normal tables.  I like electronic tables.  I like this new 64 RGB LED table that Edo in Germany made.  It is nice, and well beyond anything I can make in my spare time.  But I like it.  I would have made it 128 pixels wide, just so you can get more resolution, but this is nice.  Maybe for his next one he’ll make it bigger.

I like how it responds to noise, and movement. That’s some interesting implementations there.

Plus don’t the aluminum sides look nice!

Check out some more videos and photos over at Hacked Gadgets

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Guitair Table

Here’s a custom guitar table.  It looks nice, and can be added to the gallery of awesome custom coffee tables, but seeing as I’m not much of a musician, I wouldn’t get this table.  The table costs $750, which isn’t bad considering how much  mine was, and it looks nice, from the photos, it’s clear that these people make well crafted products.

{Fender Custom Furniture}

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Lovely Woodwork

From the same people who made the Marble Table, come the lovely woodwork joints above.  Ontwerpdup makes them, among some other cool ideas.  Although, my two favorites are the able, and those joints  And is it me, or does that little peice of dark wood in the middle look like a Tetris peice?

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My next table

Spark Fun has an awesome table that I may want. Well, maybe not, its way too in depth and expensive for me. I like my simple Interactive LED coffee table better. Now, if we could get Tetris onto the above table, then I may be forced to make/buy it…

{Hacked Gadgets}

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The Marble Table

If the Interactive LED table is my Coffee table, then The Marble Table will be my kitchen table. I can easily play with this table for hours, I wonder if peas work instead or marbles, that would make for an interesting dinner with some children (or me).


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Tables, Aquarium style

Here are some nice tables, I don’t know if I like them more then my LED table, but they are pretty interesting nonetheless.  Only question is how do you feed the fish?

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My Interactive LED Table

LED table

A few months ago I saw this Interactive LED Table on a bunch of blogs and instantly knew I must have my own. I contacted the people over at Evil Mad Scientist about their kits, and put in my order. That was in October, and I have been slowly building my table since then.

Monday, the electronic parts to my table came in the mail, I was thrilled, and since then, I have been assembling it. It looks pretty as you can tell from the above image. You can skip the whole walk through process and view the final table here. Or after the click you can get the whole step by step process it took to build it: