Forging A Spatula


I gotta say, while the practicality of this might not be as good as a flimsy one bought at Bed Bath and Beyond, you can rest assured that this hand forged spatula will never fail you.  It’s solid as a rock and will scrape burgers off the grill with ease.  Summer is still 6 months … Continued

Waterfall Skiing


Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds.  No, he is not successful.  No you should not try this ever.  Yes, he should rethink his life choices. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you have to try and get 100% usage out of your winter equipment.  It’s perfectly reasonable to leave them sitting in … Continued

Jason Bourne


The official Trailer for Jason Bourne is out.  It makes it look good.  Not that it was going to be bad.  Matt fucking Damon is reprising his iconic role of Mark Webb aka: Jason Bourne. The Las Vegas Strip part looks good, Tommy Lee Jones looks good, Matt Damon looks good (well, he’s Matt fucking … Continued

Dangerous Waterslide


Remember Action Park?  Remember the amazing, but dangerous looping waterslide they had there.  It was so bad that they only had it open sporadically for a few weeks at a time because people got hurt.  Remember that Action Park had a handful of deaths on their other rides and attractions but kept those running no … Continued

Alaskan Expedition


I told you last week that this would now be a serious blog.  Well, in keeping with that theme, I am going to start going over my experience in putting together an expedition to Alaska in the summer of 2016. Those who follow me, and this blog for years know that I am on a … Continued

There’s nothing in the world like Action Park!


Roadtrippers has a pretty good write up on the soon to be revived, Action Park.  However, I think what you really should do is watch this video first.  It may be long, but it’s totally worth it.  If you’re lazy, skip to 8:20.  If you’re really lazy, look at the photo below the video: Yes, … Continued

The Bourne Legacy


I love The Bourne Films, they are some of the most superbly acted, written, and directed films of the last decade.  They turned me into a Matt Damon fan, and because of that, I fucking love Matt Damon. Now, more importantly, the Robert Ludlum books about Jason Bourne, Identity, Supremacy, & Ultimatum, (there’s like 6 … Continued