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Forging A Spatula

I gotta say, while the practicality of this might not be as good as a flimsy one bought at Bed Bath and Beyond, you can rest assured that this hand forged spatula will never fail you.  It’s solid as a rock and will scrape burgers off the grill with ease.  Summer is still 6 months away, this gives you plenty of time to build a forge and figure out for yourself how to actually make it.  I’ll let you exclude the decorative leaf at the end.


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Waterfall Skiing

Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds.  No, he is not successful.  No you should not try this ever.  Yes, he should rethink his life choices.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you have to try and get 100% usage out of your winter equipment.  It’s perfectly reasonable to leave them sitting in a closet or a basement for the 6 months of the year that you can’t use them.  I’m pretty sure you did way more damage to them by trying to ski down a rocky waterfall then if you had just left them in a bag in your basement.  But hey, someone’s gotta win the Darwin Award, unfortunately, he survived.


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Jason Bourne

The official Trailer for Jason Bourne is out.  It makes it look good.  Not that it was going to be bad.  Matt fucking Damon is reprising his iconic role of Mark Webb aka: Jason Bourne.

The Las Vegas Strip part looks good, Tommy Lee Jones looks good, Matt Damon looks good (well, he’s Matt fucking Damon).  Go see this movie.  See it twice.

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Dangerous Waterslide

Remember Action Park?  Remember the amazing, but dangerous looping waterslide they had there.  It was so bad that they only had it open sporadically for a few weeks at a time because people got hurt.  Remember that Action Park had a handful of deaths on their other rides and attractions but kept those running no problem.

Yea, well, these Rednecks decided to emulate Action Park, except on a more dangerous scale:

Yes, they are using a truck to pull them down the house and over the slide.  Geniuses right there.


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Alaskan Expedition

I told you last week that this would now be a serious blog.  Well, in keeping with that theme, I am going to start going over my experience in putting together an expedition to Alaska in the summer of 2016.

Those who follow me, and this blog for years know that I am on a quest to visit all of America’s National Parks.  As of this writing, there are 59 National Parks spanning 27 states and 2 territories.  As of this writing, I have visited 11 of those parks.  I have plans to visit 4 or 5 more before 2015 is done.  So far I’ve ticked the easier to get to, and most popular parks off the list first.  Eventually though, the list of easy parks will soon out number the harder parks.  Parks that require a day or two of travel time just to get to.  Parks hundreds of miles from all civilization.

Alaska boasts 8 National Parks, 1 less that California, who has the most.  The parks in Alaska are larger than entire states in the lower 48, and some countries in Europe.  There are 2 parks entirely above the Arctic Circle. Most of the parks in Alaska have no official marked trails, some have 1 or 2.  Roads leading into the park, and around the interior of the Alaskan parks don’t exist.  The only way in is via bush flight.

Needless to say, the 8 Alaskan National Parks will be the hardest on the list to tick off.  Even The National Park of American Samoa will be easier to get to than Gates of the Arctic.  This is why for 2016 I am planning a 5 week expedition to Alaska to visit each and every one of those parks.  Over the next 18 months I will chronicle my progress and give an update on what I’ve decided so far.  I’ve already done a fair amount of research into this trip, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with a wall of 2,000 words, you won’t read it, I probably won’t read it either.  I’ll try and keep the posts to under 1,000 words for this series.  However, this series of posts has been granted it’s own Category.  The first new category on this blog in about 9 years.  You can find all the posts about this trip under the Alaska Category.  I plan on making that section a special part, as soon as I have some time to go through and write the code for it that is. 401 words.

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There’s nothing in the world like Action Park!

Roadtrippers has a pretty good write up on the soon to be revived, Action Park.  However, I think what you really should do is watch this video first.  It may be long, but it’s totally worth it.  If you’re lazy, skip to 8:20.  If you’re really lazy, look at the photo below the video:

loop slide

Yes, that is a water-slide with a full vertical loop on it.  Let that sink in for a few minutes.  Ok, have you thought enough about it.  Because I’m about to blow your mind even more.  Let’s take a gander over at the Wikipedia page of Action Park.  It is full of amazing.

First you should know that over the park’s 18 year life, 6 people are confirmed to have died due to park rides.  6 People.  Today if a person gets a bloody noise because they tripped on their own shoe lace parks are liable for something.  Weren’t the 1980s a better time?

Action Park was divided into 3 distinct sections, Alpine attractions, Motorworld, and Waterworld (not to be confused with the 1995 Movie of the same name).

In the Alpine section was an Alpine slide, which was a concrete and fiberglass ride down a mountain (ski lifts took you to the top).  This ride produced one of the park’s deaths, that of an employee who hit his head on a rock when his sled jumped the track.  You see the sleds were poorly maintained, and had only two speeds, – crawling, and Ludicrous Speed.

Motorworld had motor sports and rides, the coolest would be the Tank Ride.  Which pitted occupants who sat in a go cart like vehicle that was a tank, they then shot tennis balls out of the tank’s a main cannon at each other.  Spectators could man tennis ball cannons around the perimeter of the chain link fence enclosed arena.  Damn, that’s gotta be fun.

Waterworld was the bread and butter of the park though, (or at least it seemed like it).  Being one of the first major water parks in the nation, the Waterworld section of Action Park invented alot of things that are taken for granted now a-days.  There’s just too much to post about here, you might as well just read the Wikipedia section on Action Park, (that is, if you haven’t already read the entire thing).

The one ride I will call out though is Cannonball Loop, that amazing photo above.  That ride was only ever open for short periods of time, most likely when the manager, or owner at the time forgot how dangerous it was.  While no one died on that ride, it just doesn’t look safe.  And the differences between people’s body weights and make ups was just too much for it.

It does look awesome though, doesn’t it?

In 1996, after it had lost it’s insurance, and piling personal-injury lawsuits, the park was forced to close.  Parts of it are still open and running under new names – Mountain Creek is one.  And this summer the name is supposed to be revived, weather that means all the awesome history or not is up in the air, but it’s a safe bet that none of the cool things will be open.


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The Bourne Legacy

I love The Bourne Films, they are some of the most superbly acted, written, and directed films of the last decade.  They turned me into a Matt Damon fan, and because of that, I fucking love Matt Damon.

Now, more importantly, the Robert Ludlum books about Jason Bourne, Identity, Supremacy, & Ultimatum, (there’s like 6 others written by another author that for all intents and purposes, fucked up the franchise), those 3 books are amazing, and share nothing in common with the films of the same names.

I don’t mind that.  You see, I saw all the films before I read the books, and I didn’t know any better (and neither did the general movie going American public I assume), so you can imagine the surprise I was in for when I read the first book and was like, ok, this is almost what all 3 films were about.  Almost because the films took alot of leeway, and killed off alot of people.

Which is fine, they’re allowed to.  I consider them seperate entities in the same overarching story.

Now a 4th Bourne film is set to be released this summer.  (With the name Bourne Legacy (the name of the first non Ludlum Bourne novel)).  And like it’s predecessors, it is shaping up to be nothing like the novel of the same name.

Which is fine, as if you remember, Eric Van Lustbader fucked up the series.

From the trailer (above) it seems like it’s taking place before the first film, and parallel to Ultimatum (film).  I approve of this.  It keeps everything in the same universe, and doesn’t recast, or reboot the franchise ala The Amazing Spider Man.

I am nothing but excited about this film, and after The Dark Knight Rises, this will probably be the only must see film I have for the summer of 2012.

I will reserve judgement on weather or not they should make a 5th one (in the same type) until after I see this, but I hope they do.

I also hope that Matt Damon comes back, cause that would just be ace.