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This is ridiculous.  Plain old ridiculous.  Apparently it’s some Red Bull event called Crashed Ice.  It is as dangerous as it looks, one of those people broke their tailbone, which is apparently excruciating.  I have no intention of ever trying this.  Watching it on the other hand, I could be for that, maybe.


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The Fries Duke, The Fries

How could we go all year without the reminder of this classic?

I didn’t think so, did you?

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Anvil Shooting

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure how I found this video.  Once you watch it though you will realize why I posted it.  It’s frekin insane the sound that happens.  Who knew there was a world record for anvil shooting?

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Waterproof HDD

There really isn’t any more reason to  need to ever do this.  Ever.  For realz.  Stop.


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Because it’s a Christmas Tradition!

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Waterfall Skiing

Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds.  No, he is not successful.  No you should not try this ever.  Yes, he should rethink his life choices.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you have to try and get 100% usage out of your winter equipment.  It’s perfectly reasonable to leave them sitting in a closet or a basement for the 6 months of the year that you can’t use them.  I’m pretty sure you did way more damage to them by trying to ski down a rocky waterfall then if you had just left them in a bag in your basement.  But hey, someone’s gotta win the Darwin Award, unfortunately, he survived.


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Chainsaw Blender

I’m not sure exactly why someone would do this, but this is America, you can do anything you want.  So Insturcables user mikeurus used his ingenuity to power a blender with a chain saw.  It’s a great conversation piece, but it’s not something you’ll keep on your counter at home, too much toxic exhaust to keep around the kitchen I think.


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End of The Year

Another year gone by, another tick mark on the site.  Look for a proper state of the site post in the coming days.  I have some big plans in store, let’s see if you can figure them out.  If not, no worries, it’s nothing drastic that will impact your life more then a few minutes a day.  Yes, I said a day.  Take that at face value will you.

Ok, since it’s already 2016 somewhere in the world, I’m gonna just say it now, Happy New Year bitches.


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Instant Coffee

No, I cannot understand what’s being said here.  But I can understand the gist of what’s happening.  These two Norwegian guys have decided to pour dozens of bags of instant coffee into a hot water heater in a house.  (I really, really hope it’s not their hot water heater, in their house).  The idea being that they want truly instant coffee. This is impressive on their part.  Mostly because of how ingenious it is.  It’s pretty stupid though.  The grounds will clog up pipes, and the acidity of the coffee will not do good things to the plumbing.  But that’s why I said I hope it’s not their own equipment they’re messing with.


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Dangerous Waterslide

Remember Action Park?  Remember the amazing, but dangerous looping waterslide they had there.  It was so bad that they only had it open sporadically for a few weeks at a time because people got hurt.  Remember that Action Park had a handful of deaths on their other rides and attractions but kept those running no problem.

Yea, well, these Rednecks decided to emulate Action Park, except on a more dangerous scale:

Yes, they are using a truck to pull them down the house and over the slide.  Geniuses right there.