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Wisdom of Convicted Killers

unabomber unabomber

In the late 1990s Bill Geerhart posed as a 10 year old little boy questioning his life choices.  Complete with 10year old style handwriting, he sent some famous convicted killers letters asking for help.  Some killers were good, Ted Kazinski actually gave him some sound advice, much better then Charles Manson, who scribbled, or Richard Ramrize, who asked for pictures.  Erik Menendez actually gave some sound words of advice, and asked to know more about Billy’s situation before he helped.

Little Billy didn’t stick to just killers, he went after politicians, notably Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dick Cheney, who sent a signed Desert Storm Card for Billy to Collect.

Good times, good ideas, good fun.  I wonder who else people could “scam” into pen-palship like this with?
{Radar Magazine}

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What Tree do you See?

lsd tree

Here’s a multitude of different pictures of a single tree, under the influence of numerous different circumstances:
chuck norris tree

italic tree

shcwarzenegger tree

temptation tree

traffic tree

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The Man with 3 arms, and his brother with 3 fingers

These two identical twins are really…interesting, that’s the best word for it.  You see, not content to be just identical twins and be different that way, they decided to go to body manipulation for that!

What type of manipulation, well, the most extreme there is…

3 arms

That’s Ryan, with his brother Dave’s right arm surgically attached to his chest.

Oh, it gets better.

3 fingers alien finger

That’s Dave’s hand on the right, and Ryan’s on the left.  Not content with having 3 arms, he needed one of his hands to have an extra long ring finger.   Ryan does have feeling in his finger, but it didn’t say anything about his third arm.

Yes, these two twins are passionate about their body manipulation. I will say though, they are unique, and different….

It would be interesting if it were real though, and I’m pretty sure it’s a fake, seeing as how the interview was on April 01, 1999, but, if it is real, its kinda weird…

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Make your own Gorilla suit!

Yes, that’s right, in October 2008 there will be the first ever Gorilla Suit making convention, right here in the good old U.S.

Some reasons why you would want a Gorilla suit include:

  • You cannot attend fancy-dress parties in Italian chateaux and be mistaken for a British ambassador who is in a gorilla suit, unless you have a gorilla suit
  • You cannot drive a Nash Metropolitan around Blake Edwards-style at high speed in a gorilla suit, unless you have a gorilla suit.

Now, here are things you can do with a gorilla suit!

Plus, the following activities can all be augmented in some dimension by wearing a gorilla suit:

  • Driving an Austin-Healey, a motorcycle sidecar outfit, or riding a Vespa scooter.
  • Dressing your child as a banana. This will not make sense without a gorilla suit.
  • Riding a bicycle. Especially a tandem bicycle.
  • Attending the opera. Especially while wearing a top hat and carrying a silver-tipped walking stick.

Really, awesome things all around. If you’re interested, you should sign up for the convention, it’ll be awesome!

Its supposed to happen over in West Chester PA, which is not exactly close to me, and seeing as how I don’t think I will find many personal uses for my own Gorilla suit, I doubt that I will make it to the meeting, but, maybe you will find some use going?

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Mini Battleship battles!

Look at those ships, they could be some old Photos of a WWII battle maybe, but they’re not.  They’re photos from the North Texas Battle Group, a group of people who build RC scale battleships and fight each other.  They have working weapons, and even pumps to get rid of water from a direct hit.

This is one of the cooler hobbies i’ve seen.  Actually, if I had time, and money, I would probably be apart of this, because it would give me a realer reason to call myself “Admiral S.”  Ah, I like that name, when I rule the world, everyone will be required to address me as Admiral….

Anyway, this is an interesting group of people, lots of time goes into it, I really like the idea and everything, it looks like tons of fun!


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The Creepiest Tree Ever

This is quite possibly the creepiest “tree” ever. If i ever saw/heard that, i think i would freak out, and then kill the person who made it.



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EDIT: 02-16-2016

Here’s a YouTube version of the video in case the one above goes away one day:

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The Typelight, a nightlight, for your computer

Ok, kinda not anywhere near a night light for your computer, but it was a nice analogy.

The working behind it is that the faster you type, and the more you do, the brighter it gets.  Interesting, but still useless.

go buy one {MAKE}