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Glory Hole In Action

Remember that post years and years ago about The Glory Hole.  Yea, well, here it is in action.  All the rains that California has experienced in the last few months have filled up the Dam and the spillway is in full force.  Unlike the Oroville Dam, this one in Lake Berryessa is well within guidelines.  The drone footage is pretty neat, though, if you asked me, I think they should send a GoPro down the hole to see what it’s like.  I think that would be so ace.

Here’s a good overview of the Oroville Dam from a few weeks ago:

{NY Times}

I’m fairly certain this is the same Dam as from that original post, the photos look the same.  Unfortunately, the link no longer works.


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HD B&W Storms

Black and White is an often overlooked area of photography.  Especially when time-lapse storm footage is done.  There’s something about shooting in black and white that gives everything a more mysterious, serious, yet fantasy look.  Mike Olbinski shot the entire sequence in black and white.  Yes, there is some post-processing work done, but it’s natural black and white (as natural as a digital camera can be that is).

My favorite sequence is about 2 and a half minutes in, when clouds roll across the sky, then the sun starts coming through, and things get brighter, and more detailed.  I also love watching the clouds for out of nowhere, water vapor collecting, winds combining, clouds being born.  Storms are amazing to watch like this, safe in the comfort of your own home with soothing music playing in the background.

{Peta Pixel}

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360 Tornado Footage

360 VIDEO of close-range tornado near Wray, CO! Shot with 360fly Note the violent motion at the base of this tornado. More tornadoes likely in SW Kansas into Oklahoma tomorrow. Stay tuned for forecast updatesMaria Molina

Posted by Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist on Sunday, May 8, 2016

It’s Tornado Season.  Or it was, or it will be.  I’m never quite sure when Tornado Season actually is.  I just know that when it starts, it offers some pretty awesome videos, photos, and time-lapses of the storms as the make their way across the MidWest.  This year though is different.  It marks the beginning of easy to produce 360 video footage of these storms.  The above 2 videos show tornado’s up close in one, and driving by one in the other.


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7,000 FPS Lightning

I’ll never get tired of watching storm video.  Especially storm video that’s in super slow motion of 7,000 frames per second.  The above video was captured last week during a storm in Melbourne Florida by Professor Ningyu Liu at the Florida Institute of Technology’s Geospace Physics Laboratory.  The video above is sped up to 700 frames per second, which is still mighty slow.  I really like the instant flash that happens when the timing is just right.  There’s alot of power in these storms, be careful.


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Stormscapes 3

I love me the clouds, and I love me some time lapses.  Here’s a 6 minute video of both of those things.  I really like the beginning where they show time lapses of storms forming from satellite images.  That’s not unique in anyway, but the area they choose is.  Most of the storms chosen are Atlantic hurricanes, they went to the Northern Pacific, and over Canada.  That was neat.  It’s only 6 minutes long, watch it you’ll be glad you did, it’s so cool.  Time lapse videos of storms and clouds never get old.  Never.

{The Cloud Appreciation Society}

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Twin Tornadoes

It’s Tornado season in the mid-west, and besides the death and destruction that comes to people who despite all rational thought, still make their homes in Tornado Ally and then complain when their houses are destroyed, comes storm chasers.  Yes, ever since Twister romanticized storm-chasing, it’s been a cool point of photographs and videos over the years, but it’s usually not worth the risk.  Don’t be an idiot, I won’t force you to move out of this area, but I would encourage it.

That being said, take a look at this photo from Kelly DeLay:

Two Tornados

Two tornadoes from one super cell.  He claims it’s the shot of a lifetime, I don’t know if I agree with him though, with the advent of digital cameras, and the risk takers I mentioned above, more and more people will be documenting these super cells, and as such, I think we’ll begin to see things like this more often.  Don’t let it fool you though, it’s totally Global Warming’s fault, not the overwhelming amount of more data being recorded now then 50 years ago.

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High Quality Storms

A good .gif is something you can watch over and over.  A great .gif is something you can watch over and over and is perfectly looped.  My friends, I give you some truly great .gifs  They are mostly storm related, but they are mesmerizing, and perfectly looped.  Watch them all over at extreme instability but be warned, they are pretty large in file size.

Below are two of my favorites:

Storm at Sunset



The Snow Drone

You may not have heard, but the US was pretty cold this past week.  You also may not have heard that Buffalo New York got hit with about 6 feet of snow in a single storm.  Yea, it’s pretty crazy out.  Well, what do you do when you’re stuck in the snow?  In the olden days you had to stay indoors, and generally be bored.  That’s still the case, and the common sense advice.  But YouTube user Jim Grimaldi decided to send his drone to the skies to see what it’s like in a blizzard.  The above video is pretty neat.  I wish though that he was able to send his drone out alittle further.  Perhaps he needs to set some antennas up on his house to magnify the signal.  That’d be cool.

{Peta Pixel}



I’m fascinated by Tornadoes, and ever since Twister romanticized storm chasing, I’ve wanted to see one.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to

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make due with watching videos of it, oh well.


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Why I hate the Ocean

I hate the ocean, hate the smell, hate the waves, hate the wind, hate it all.  So seeing this video just reminds me why I don’t want to go on a cruise.  Apparently, in 2008, while about 400 miles off the coast of New Zealand, a freak storm tossed the ship and it’s 1700+ passengers around for a joy ride.  Heavy equipment such as forklifts were thrown like childrens’ toys.  42 people were injured, most suffering broken bones, but no one was killed, which is insane, cause one worked just barely misses being crushed by a forklift.

The (un)lucky passengers that were caught in the storm were offered 25% off of a future cruise with the company, and one passenger is stuck in a lawsuit battle with the company for injuries.  That person is an ass.

I think they should have given them 25% back on that cruise, because honestly, how many of those people are gonna go on another cruise again after that?

Also, the silent unmoving video is just plain creepy.

{DailyMail | Consumerist | original source}