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The Last Bookstore

I’ve gotten tons of slack before for posting what I thought was cool art made of books.  What are the chances that this entire bookstore that makes art, and hallways, and secret rooms out of old books (which you can buy for $1) will go by without a comment?  Well, considering there’s been few comments on the blog recently, it’s not likely anyone from all those years ago will come and bitch, but hey, you never know.

The Last Bookstore is actually the name of this used book shop in downtown Los Angeles California.  It’s in a 22,000 square foot warehouse.  Yes, 22,000 square feet of floor space.  The volume is enough to house the over quarter of a million individual books, new and used, across two (2) different floors.  My favorite part is the arched walkways.  Those just look cool don’t they?


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250lbs of Silly Putty

Last week I posted about a dozen miles of dental floss you could order.  Well today I have an equally weird bulk item you can buy – silly putty.  Yes, you can order (or you used to according to Crayola), 5lb bricks of Silly Putty.

Silly Putty

That right there is 250lbs of the pink stuff.  They gave out chunks to various co-workers to do with as they pleased.  Naturally, people copied whole sections of newspaper:

silly newspaper



11 miles of Floss


You need to bid on this auction now.  Hell, you don’t even need to bid, it’s Buy it Now.  Quickly, before someone buys all 100 miles of it.  What exactly do you need 11 miles of floss for, well, that’s for you to answer.  I’m just providing you with the solution to the question.  And really, /u/somedudeshomie provided the answer, I’m just sending it on to you.

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Gotta Catch ’em All

Nintendo hit solid gold with Pokemon.  Can you believe that it came out 19 years ago?  Well, the original 151 Pokemon has surged to over 600.  For people who grew up on it though, the original 151, I’d even say the 251 from Gold & Silver, are the best.

Crystal Pokemon

Well, Etsy user PokeMasterCrafter, has created some pretty awesome keepsakes, crystal Poke-balls, with Pokemon inside.  The Etsy store is empty right now unfortunately, hopefully they’ll make some more.

It’s not clear if they come with lights, of if you just put the balls over a light to illuminate the insides.  But clearly, this MewTwo ball is the coolest:

MewTwo Pokeball


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Puzzle Blueprints

You’ve all seen these classic puzzles.  They have a objective, disassemble the locked rings, or make a shape using only 3 of the 4 pieces.  Well, have you ever wondered how they are made?  You’re in luck, William L. Hunter drew up some blueprints for a dozen or so of these different mind puzzles.  You can print them out and follow them to make your own puzzle, or just frame them yourself.

wiggly block

square block

Take a look at the full imgur album to get some ideas.  It looks and sounds like these images came from this book: Wood-turning problems in blueprint form.  Sadly, Amazon doesn’t list it in stock, nor is another of William L. Hunter’s books available.


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Tetris Lights

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted something regarding Tetris.  That ends right now.  Online shopping website, vat19 has an officially licensed Tetris light set for $40.  You can skip the first 30 seconds or so of the below video, it’s not necessary.  What is cool though is the way it works.  The power of low-voltage electricity allows the metal edges to conduct the power so that you can endlessly re-arrange the pieces in countless different ways.  No word though on if all the lights turn off if you create a perfect rectangle. {imgur}