In Steve’s Absense

Its me again! With Steve out of the picture (and without internet access) I
will be posting as I see fit. Some posts he may agree with (like the one forthcoming), others he may not. Oh well. Its his fault either way for giving the keys to the kingdom as it were…

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Steve’s Vacation

Steve has no faith in me. He has such little faith, he didn’t even ask if I would try and post some things. Well, little does he know that I have had a couple posts rumbling around in my brain for a while and I just might be persuaded to take over the blog for the next week.

So sit back and enjoy a week of my ramblings. I have better grammar and I spell things correctly.

I wonder what Steve would do if I did a stumbles 16…

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The Best Gift Guide

Daniel foster over at PC Fastlane has put together a true Holiday Gift guide for the Geek you know.  And, I must say, I would greatly accept anything on this list, except maybe the shirt, that’s kinda weird, and I don’t think I’d actually wear it.

But some of the other stuff, perfect right up there.

The Optimus Mini 3, I’d take that, hell, I’m supprised I haven’t bought one already for myself.

The Optimus Maximus, damn, is that not on everyone’s list of wanting?

Uranium Ore, get me uranium ore, and you have the key to my heart.  Get me some plutunioum, and I might just marry you.

So if you want to get that speical geek you know something they will truly love you for, take a look at the full list.  Trust me, it’s way better then a 3rd iPod, or a gift card.

awesome Deadly Computer DIY the greatest

Happy Birthday Me!

Today is my birtday!

Happy birthday me!

Me, me, me, me, me.

I am awesome, you are not.

I hope you guys got me something got for my birthday…

Anyway, yea, today’s my birthday, it’s also the start of finals week, so, expect less then usual posts for the next few days as I spend time “studying”  Feel free to join in and help me study I won’t complain…

Sooo, just though i’d let you all know that important piece of information…