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Obi-Wan Remembers

I have never seen this fan-cut before, but it is 100% worth the watch. It’s amazing how much emotion went into some scenes with 0 backstory, but then again, that’s acting for you.


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Star Wars: Underworld

This is pretty neat, too bad it never came to fruition. Probably because of Disney, probably because an unknown number of reasons. It’s neat watching the behind scenes of this pilot that never went anywhere. It makes you wonder what other awesome shows exist out there as test footage forgotten away on a hard drive somewhere.

Maybe this time of total quarantine will bring some of these awesome things out for the world to see.


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Normal Items, turned into Space Ships

Instagram artist Spacegooose has a unique claim to fame, taking ordinary every day objects and re-imagining them as space ships. I first found him via this reddit post of a shampoo bottle.

Here’s a unique take on a whisk:

He doesn’t only do objects into space ships, he does original space ships, as well as visions of famous star ships of science fiction.¬† I never had the artistic ability to do stuff this detailed, but I did have an imagination which would provide all sorts of things.¬† I love reading about space ships and all the ridiculous stuff that goes on them when aerodynamics don’t mean anything.

You should check out his ArtStation while you’re at it.¬† He’s pretty talented.

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Speeder Bikes

What is it with the Star Wars posts lately?¬† Oh, that’s right Episode VIII is going to come out next month.¬† That’s right.¬† It better not suck though.¬† The trailer has me worried, it looks an awful lot like The Empire Strikes Back.¬† I mean, look at it – Walkers on a snow planet, Jedi training with an old lost Master, dark theme, lost souls.¬† It looks like eerily similar to ESB.¬† I hope it’s not.


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LEGO Jakku

Jakku LEGO Scene

This is a pretty neat diorama of a mix of LEGO scenes from the sequel trilogy.¬† What you can’t see from the photo is the moving ships that go around the perimeter.¬† Reddit video doesn’t let me embed it for some reason, so you’ll have to venture over there.


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The Ultimate Showdown 2

This is an interesting update to the classic video The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. ¬†However, it’s filled with recent additions to the super-hero landscape. ¬†Sure there are some classics: The T-800, Indy, Luke, but all newer takes on the famous heroes/villains of modern times. ¬†Plus, there’s no catchy music playing in the background. ¬†Maybe that’s what I miss the most. ¬†Anyway, watch the above, it’ll keep you enjoyed for 8 minutes, then watch the original after the break:


Christmas with Anakin

Looks like tons of fun honestly.

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Rogue One

My worst fears are coming true. ¬†That is the above trailer for the first spin off of the Star Wars franchise. ¬†Tell me, does it look like a traditional Star Wars film? ¬†Come on, answer that question honestly. ¬†If you removed the obviously Star Wars things, TIE Fighters, and Storm Troopers, what do you have? ¬†A generic space action movie. ¬†There’s no sense of wonder, there’s no sense of adventure. ¬†I get it, this is an off shoot of the main story line, but it bears the Star Wars name, I hate to say it, but that used to mean something back in the day. ¬†Yes, even if you take the prequel series into account, those trailers made you excited. ¬†The final films might not have been up to your (and I say your because plenty of people actually did like them) standards, but the trailers were something else.

This trailer for Rogue One, it doesn’t invoke Star Wars to me. ¬†And that’s a big problem. ¬†It’s already visible in what’s happening to the Marvel films, and it will happen to Star Wars. ¬†The die hard fans (which at one point in my life I was) will spend money on the movies regardless of how good or bad or bland they are, but the general public will be over whelmed, and desensitized to them.

When Episode One was announced it was international news. ¬†When Episode VII was announced, it was international news. ¬†People have waited decades for those two premiers. ¬†Now it will be a yearly occurrence. ¬†Doesn’t that seem to detract from the magic that Star Wars is supposed to convey?

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Jabba’s Sail Barge: Halo 5

Xbox Live user TyGoss recreated Jabba’s Sail Barge scene from Return of the Jedi in Halo 5’s Forge. ¬†Seriously, it’s such a shame that I hate the multiplayer of Halo 5 or I would be back in playing it right now. ¬†These levels look like a ridiculous amount of fun! ¬†Maybe they’ll make it better in Halo 6, maybe, I don’t have faith though, none at all.

{reddit|Halo Waypoint}

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Star Wars Drone Dogfight

The people over at Cooridor Digital came up with this neat idea of combining practical effects on a series of drones. ¬†Then using digital effects, they put in footage of a 3D printed cockpit to overlay onto the drone video. ¬†What’s this all for? ¬†Making this super ace Star Wars themed drone dog fight. ¬†It’s pretty slick how they combined everything together. ¬†The next step though is to attach pellet guns to the drones themselves so that this dog fight could be actually real. ¬†That’d be so ace.

Here’s a 20 minute behind the scenes making of video you can watch if you’re interested: