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Lockheed Martin – the greatest company ever

Here is a nice writeup on everyone’s favorite Defense Contractor – Lockheed Martin.

My regular paranoid self would normally say to be cautious, and start boycotting Lockheed Martin, afterall, if this article is to be believed, (and it is on the internet, it must be true), then Lockheed Martin is the equivalent of a company that I should avoid.

But you are forgetting one major point.  Lockheed Martin is a Defense Contractor.  They are completely, or partially responsible for developing, making, and supplying the United States Military.

While Lockheed Martin itself is only a 15 year old company, the Lockheed Corporation is nearly 100 years old, and is responsible for some of the greatest pieces of Military hardware in the US’s arsenal.

So when you get worried about Lockheed Martin taking your information, just rest alittle easier and remember that if it wasn’t them, it would be some Chinese company anyway.

I had planned to do a nice long post about this, and the company, but it slowly evolved into just a history lesson of Lockheed, and all the awesome things they’ve done over the last 100 years.  I figured only me would really enjoy reading that, so I just stopped.

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Carry-on “Spy” Jacket

spy trench coat
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Well, it’s not really a “spy” jacket, especially since you have to take it off and get it X-rayed at the airport anyway, but the name of the company that makes/will make/thought it up, SCOTTEVEST, reminds me of Soviet, and that reminds me of Spies, and so this will get the name of the Spy Jacket.

The “Carry-On Coat” or, what I would call it, a trench coat,  the one pictured above, is, for lack of a better term, their “Flagship” product in this new, untapped market of unneededness.  It is a good concept, but I find that in testing it wouldn’t work at all.  I’m all for putting as much stuff on your person as possible when you travel, it’s just smart.  But have you ever tried to sit down in an airplane chair with a coat on?  It doesn’t work, especially if you have 2 shirts, a pair of shoes, and a full bottle of water.

But you already knew that, so you took your jacket off and stuffed it in the overhead bin.  But oh noes, this flight is full of smart people, and they all have their two allowed carryons, all at the maximum size allowed, now the flight attendants are saying you must keep your jackets on you/your lap to make room for all the bags.

Now you’re stuck with this giant uncomfortable Teflon “pillow” for your 8 hour plane ride next to some screaming 2 year old.

Also, this is not in leather, and I like leather, it looks better.

There is this sport coat version, which is slightly easier to wear and not be all weird, except you can’t keep an extra pair of clothes in it, but really, what purpose does that serve.

{Engadget | Gadling}

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Commie Spies!!1!

It’s like we’re all of a sudden back in the 1950s.  Earlier this week an alleged Russian Spy ring was exposed right in my back yard!

I’m not gonna go into details about this whole thing, that’s not my job, but I will say that I am excited because not only have all the Robert Ludlum books I’ve read begin to have a grain of truth to them, my 2nd favorite time in history is coming back.

I just felt that I should bring this to your attention, that’s it for now, you can go on with your boring life,

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Sat Phones

Ever since I can remember wanting a Cell phone, I can remember wanting a Sat phone more.  For those that don’t know a sat phone is short for satellite phone.  Most of the time, these phones have recption all over the world, (except indoors, or underground) .  Something about that just strikes me as cool.  Forget the fact that they have bad reception, are expensive, and for the average person is unneeded, I want one.

So when I saw this earlier this summer I got alittle excited.  It will probably cost more money then I will have, and it will probably not be needed seeing as I have no interest in moving to Africa, or the Amazon, but intend to stay within the tri-state area for most of my life, but if they get it all working, bam! I will so sign up for it, (providing I have a job, and some money to burn)