This is ridiculous.  Plain old ridiculous.  Apparently it’s some Red Bull event called Crashed Ice.  It is as dangerous as it looks, one of those people broke their tailbone, which is apparently excruciating.  I have no intention of ever trying this.  Watching it on the other hand, I could be for that, maybe. {reddit|YouTube}

Drone Racing


Drone Racing is a thing.  I’ve posted about it before, I can’t remember though if I posted about the Drone Racing League (DRL), I think I did.  It’s a cool thing to watch the highlights and edited videos of.  I’m not sure if I would watch a live race.  ESPN however is hoping differently.  On … Continued

Magnet Fishing


Did you know of this “sport”  I never heard of it until I stumbled upon this imgur album.  Basically, people attach a strong magnet to a rope and throw it into rivers and bodies of water hoping to find sunken treasure, or murder weapons, or un-exploded ordinance.  In reality, all they seem to find is … Continued

Dentist Golf Marble Run


Dentist Vic Chaney has created a masterpiece of a marble run based on everyone’s favorite “sport” golf.  It’s pretty simple, except for the golfers that stop the flow of the ball through the track.  But I kind of like that element to it, it breaks it up and is something you don’t see every day … Continued

Human Foosball


http://steve.deadlycomputer.com/pictures/blog/foosball.webm The amount of time spent building this game is impressive.  The re-usability of it is questionable.  Especially since it seems like these people are as good as human sized Foosball as the average person is a normal Foosball.  I will hand it to them though, this was a cool idea that I’ve never seen … Continued