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Fully Auto Snowball Machine Gun

Hopefully this coming winter will be better then last and something like a the above video.  Hopefully…

The system itself is pretty simple, take a back mounted leaf blower attach some cut PVC with a plunger on it to a Y on the hose.  Then push some pre-made snowballs in and watch the carnage.  I like it.  Like I said though, hopefully this winter will get nice and snowy so that we can implement it.

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DIY electronic news video

iPhone Bullet Time

The Matrix made slow-mo 360 degree video popular, they called it “bullet time.”  It usually consists of setting up a ring of cameras pointed at the subject and taking pictures and video like that.  However, as you can imagine, that gets expensive. Smart phones are cheap, and most everyone has them (yes, even me), so Swiss skier Nicolas Vuignier decided to try a new method.  iPhones have a slow motion capture feature on their video.  So he spent what he says is the last 2 years developing a custom mount for his iPhone to attach a rope to so he could swing it around his head as he skied.  The video below shows it in action:

That was pretty damn close to bullet time.  Syre it didn’t stop and zoom in or anything, but it was still cool.  I can see this potentially turning into something really intense, something that’s established, and recognized and worthwhile.  I might need to look at some sort of rig that does this…if one were to ever be offered for sale that is.

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awesome science video

Snow Blowers

For those who don’t know, the East Coast of the US is under a blizzard.  And since I’m head quartered along the East Coast, I feel obligated to post about it.  I could post some photos, but these videos of industrial snow blowers are cooler.  Way cooler.

Snow plows and blowers on trains are cool.  Especially whey the trains are driving pretty fast.  Look at this one, it’s pretty awesome, but I bet some signs got broken:

However, this hot air jet exhaust one is my favorite though:


Dangerous Skiing

Skiing can be a dangerous sport, I’m not talking about the too crazy extreme skiing that some people do, just the moderate kind on large back country mountains.  Take a watch on this video of a skier who fell into a crevasse:

All in all, it seems like he handled himself very well.  I can’t say the same for myself, but then again, I would never go skiing in an area where this can happen.  I like skiing, but I like to live also.  It looks like he lost one of his skis too, so in 25,000 years when this glacier makes it to the sea our descendants will be confused by this chunk of flat carbon that shows up on the shoreline.

I think the most interesting part though is the crevasse.  The crazy eerieness of it, and the fact that it was barely covered and then the guy just fell through, that’s scary enough for me.


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STumble Time

Fresh on the heals of this morning’s announcement that we’re going back to our crazy, WW2, politically-incorrect stumble-fest roots, here’s the latest batch of stumble pictures and gifs.  You’re welcome.

awesome DIY video

Snow Crop Circles

I’ve posted similar things to this in the past, well here’s another artist using crowd sourcing methods to make his own version of Snow Crop Circles:

Sonja Hinrichsen gives volunteers, in this case 60 individuals, snowshoes, and a series of patterns they were instructed to walk in.  Together, they walked out onto a frozen lake and created the designs above.  Like crop circles, these designs are meant to be view from high up.  So it’s only fitting that a drone took most of the above footage.

Ms. Hinrichsen has done 8 more snow art projects like this, you can view them all on her website here.  It’s interesting to see the different colors that the contrast makes with the drawings in the snow, or the lack thereof.  I would venture a guess that the darker ones were post-processed to bring out the patterns better.


science video

Snow Cleaners

Did you ever wonder how they clean the snow off large busses, and trucks that sit in parking lots over night?  I didn’t really wonder it, but while on a YouTube blitz I discovered this video:

What I was wondering was how to big cities melt their snow.  Due to “environmental” concerns, NYC can’t just dump the snow in the East River.  So instead giant melters are used to melt the snow.  The melted snow, or water, will eventually find it’s way into the East River somehow though, so it’s all good.

In case you’re wondering, this is how they melt the snow, with a giant tea pot essentially

awesome DIY


With the impending snow event this week, here’s a cool video of a massive snowball a bunch of people made and rolled down a hill:

There’s really not much else to say about it.  Well, don’t try it yourself, that’s for sure.



The Snow Drone

You may not have heard, but the US was pretty cold this past week.  You also may not have heard that Buffalo New York got hit with about 6 feet of snow in a single storm.  Yea, it’s pretty crazy out.  Well, what do you do when you’re stuck in the snow?  In the olden days you had to stay indoors, and generally be bored.  That’s still the case, and the common sense advice.  But YouTube user Jim Grimaldi decided to send his drone to the skies to see what it’s like in a blizzard.  The above video is pretty neat.  I wish though that he was able to send his drone out alittle further.  Perhaps he needs to set some antennas up on his house to magnify the signal.  That’d be cool.

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Artfull Snow

snow stars

Not just a snow slide, or snow sculpture, but more of a snow crop circle. That’s what Simon Beck makes.

Located in the French Alps, he makes these amazing snow crop circles by hand (or foot rather) because he walks around in snow shoes to make the patterns.  According to him they take anywhere from 3 hours to over 15, and spread out over multiple days.

That’s some dedication to work there, and trust in the weather.

snow art 1

snow cubes

I think that one might be my favorite, look at the detail on the edges, with the fractal, very Escheresque.

3d snow art

He tried to go for a 3-D effect here, I think he pulled it off pretty well, wouldn’t you?

snow crop circle

I would call that the most Crop Circle like of them all.

Those were my favorites, I’m sure there are more

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that he’s done in the time since I wrote this, but I like those best, and I’m far to lazy to save this, and post it when actually intend to publish it.  But it’s not winter anymore (at time of writing), which is why I’m writing it now, and going to keep it until winter before I publish it.  I do that sometimes, deal with it.