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Slow Mo Plane Crash

There’s something about watching videos in slow motion that is super fun.  There’s something about watching a LEGO town get utterly destroyed pretty fun.  Combine the two, and you have some ace footage above.  Capture by the Slow Mo Guys, this showcases two separate attempts to have a LEGO plane “crash” into a town.  Watch it until the ending, you’ll thank me.


awesome DIY science

Shattered Glass

This is a pretty good way to spend 10 minutes of your life.  Granted, you only really will care about parts of it.  These guys are pretty fun to watch.  I like how they showed it at normal speed, then slowly increased the frame rate.  Granted, it’s a colossal waste of perfectly good mixing jars, but hey, it’s for science.  It’s a shame that at max resolution and frame rate the output is so dark.

I think the side by side view of watching them drop water onto his eye and seeing how quickly the glass cracked was ridiculously impressive.  The Slow Mo Guys are pretty damn fun to watch.

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photo science

7,000 FPS Lightning

I’ll never get tired of watching storm video.  Especially storm video that’s in super slow motion of 7,000 frames per second.  The above video was captured last week during a storm in Melbourne Florida by Professor Ningyu Liu at the Florida Institute of Technology’s Geospace Physics Laboratory.  The video above is sped up to 700 frames per second, which is still mighty slow.  I really like the instant flash that happens when the timing is just right.  There’s alot of power in these storms, be careful.


awesome photo video

1,000 FPS drone video

Common knowledge on commercial drones is that they are small, and light.  The Phantom 4k camera is large, and heavy.  How do you go about combining the two together?  By making a custom rig to mount the camera in and attaching it to a large Aerigon UAV.

Together with a lens, the camera & rig were estimated to weigh 30lbs, which is ridiculously heavy for the average drone.  However, with this setup, they were able to take 4k, 1,000 frames per second video of a photo shoot of driving a truck through mud and puddles.  Seeing as these guys are based out of Jackson, Wyoming, it’s really simple for them to drive a few miles up the road into Grand Teton National Park, and get some crazy awesome resolution videos of there.  Spring is coming, so there’s avalanches, and waterfalls, and rivers and young animals to catch.  this should be fun.

Watch the video of them in action:

{Peta Pixel|Engadget}