Crazy Underground Waterslide


Not quite underground, but close enough. I’m not sure how this came up, but while scrolling through videos in bed last night looking for cool and interesting things to watch while falling asleep this video showed up. Now, my searches have been Geodesic Dome, terrariums, gardening, wood working, and home building focused. I’m not 100% … Continued

Dangerous Waterslide


Remember Action Park?  Remember the amazing, but dangerous looping waterslide they had there.  It was so bad that they only had it open sporadically for a few weeks at a time because people got hurt.  Remember that Action Park had a handful of deaths on their other rides and attractions but kept those running no … Continued



One of the mountains I went skiing on before had one of these.  It looked pretty insane, and I made a mental note to come back to it in the summer one year and try it out.  Unfortunately, I forgot what mountain it was.  No fear though, It looks like there are quite a few … Continued

Looping Waterslide


This waterslide is AWESOME!! American water parks must make this slide NOW! No waiting, now, summer’s nearly over, I expect this to be built by next summer, get to it American water parks! {Maniac World}