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Trick Pool Shot

Technically, this was Snooker, not that it really matters that much, this was an incredible shot.  I think I’m equally impressed with the amount of room that this pool hall has.  I lost count of the number of tables visible, but it seemed like quite a set up.  Another thing that always amazes me is the timing and initial setup that’s required.  I’m sure where ever this was needed to be closed down for multiple hours in order to set it up.  And if it didn’t all work out the first take, well then that’s more hours, more time, more patience.

It’s still pretty ace though.

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Who would have thought that tying your shoes would be this interesting to watch, or more importantly, that there would be a different way to do it instead of the same way I’ve been doing it for 30ish years.

DIY science video


The Japanese are pretty crazy when it comes to their wood working joinery skills.  I remember reading somewhere that it’s all due to the lack of raw materials on the islands.  That meant that they couldn’t use nails, or forge large iron plates to connect timber together, instead they had to come up with these insane impossible looking joints.  It’s really beautiful, and satisfying to watch.  You should check it all out.


Ski Season Is About to Begin

So watch this video that I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted before of some guy skiing at night with flares attached to him.  It’s pretty cool, though pretty dangerous.  I like to ski, though I don’t think I’d ever do something like that.


a stumble awesome DIY video

Giant Log Townscape

The Chinese artist of the name Zheng Chunhui has spent the better part of 4 years carving this replica of the Chinese painting by the name of Along the River during the Qingming Festival.

Here’s the finished product:

Finished Wood

It’s very hard to get an idea of the scale of this project from the above photo, which is why this next photo is gonna go in.  It has people standing next to it for scale:

log sculpture 2

The entire sculpture is over 40 feet long, 10 feet tall, and almost 7 feet wide.  Zheng Chunhui received an entry into the Guinness Book of World records for this piece.  It’s considered the longest wood carving.  I would also like to add that it’s ridiculously detailed.  And 3 Dimensional.  This entire thing is crazy.

Here’s some detail of what I am guessing is the Bridget Scene:

bridge scene

And here’s the corresponding scene in the original scroll {wiki}:

bridge scene

There’s even a video of it if you really want to get into it.  Except the video looks like it’s just showing the same above, but to music.  Oh well.

{I Lobo You}

strange video

Ski Ballet

The Olympics are starting this week.  The Winter Olympics at that.  You may or may not remember my love of The Olympics. Don’t worry if you don’t remember, I’ll be sure to remind you as often as I can with Olympic themed posts.

While we wait for The Olympics to actually start, watch the above video, and be impressed.  Super Impressed, and then wonder why it’s not an Olympic Sport?  According to Wikipedia, it was an exhibition event in the 1988, and 1992 Olympics, but the IOC decided it wasn’t worth it.  That’s a bummer too because it looks damn impressive if you ask me.